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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Virgin Post

Alright...this is all about the confessions of a partyphile...

Although the title does not suggest a blog of rantings and emotions, that is what i will fill it with, on very first post

Yes. I have been depressed these past few days, and that is what pushed me to create a blog. I wanted to have an an avenue to get things off my chest.

hmm... What a week that was...

I mean, it got me thinking: After night outs, do i really have friends?
Let me make things a little bit clearer...

It was a typical Saturnight. I was tired, as usual, from two exams i took earlier that day. I wanted to de-stress and have an all-out night-out.

usually, people flock towards me. I mean, I have VIP acces to the most happening bars in the metro, and i guess that is all you need to gain friends.

It is not unusual for me to receive a couple dozen text messages asking where i was going this saturnight...but on this particular saturnight it was just not happening.

By 9 in the evening, i was starting to feel the crunch...

Nooo. This could just not happen. I mean, how is a full-fledged partyphile, who has created his status by showing up at some of the best parties in this city down south , going to spend a saturnight at home?

Fortunatelty for me, i got hold of a college friend of mine and she accepted my invitation for a night out. I was glad, not ecstatic, just glad. I thought to myself "my magic has not worn out yet" becaus only I can invite someone for a night out a couple of minutes before the stroke of midnight.

But then, as she got all boozed up and started flirting with a guy old enough to be my father, i was starting to flirt with depression.

Yes. in the middle of a loud bar filled with beautiful (and not so beautiful) people, smoke, alcohol and the biting smell of pent up sexual energy, there i was...feeling lonely.

and for the first time in a very, very, very long time i asked myself a question.

i had such a hard time looking for someone to accompany me in my (ritual) saturday night out, and now that i am here (and not particularly enjoying the experience) , do i really have friends beyond the confines of these bars and clubs i (used to) so proudly call home?

yes. this is a confession of a partyphile

confession #1:

i go out every saturday night. i dance all my worries away, and i have a great time. i surround my self with old friends, new found friends, and prospective friends...

But at the end of the day, when im half asleep in my bed, watching replays of sex and the city, and nursing a bad hangover... i feel alone. very, very alone.