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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sounds of Summer

The season of sun-worshipping and luaus has started, and I am sure that, just like any self-respecting partyphile, you will be throwing your own summer-themed party before classes start.

You have managed to shed those last pesky pounds to squeeze in to your teeny weenie bikini; you are now sporting a gorge tan; your frozen margaritas are now waiting to be served in those cute glasses with even cuter paper umbrellas; your munchies are prepared; and your guests are now barging in; and then you remember… you haven’t prepared any summery sounds. Tsk tsk. No partyphile would ever throw summer party without playing those oh-so-summery ditties (the horror!).

Well, good for you, you have a copy of this Partyphile’s play list. Here it goes.

Top 5 Summer Songs:

1. Urbandub’s 1st Of Summer- Well, the title just says it all. This is the perfect song to play right at the start of the party. It is cool, fun, carefree, with a rock edge. With a beat that is almost hypnotic, hard guitars and lyrics that go: “parked car, this night sky, makes city lights shine like diamonds….”, can it ever really go wrong?
2. Kjwan’s Mesmerize (One Look) – This is the definition of coooool. With a catchy hook (“One look, and I’m mesmerized by your eyes…”), and a light, summery sound, this song by Kjwan is definitely one of Las Islas Filipinas’ fave Summer ditties.
3. Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up The Sun- This song is fun, easy to listen to, very bright, sunny and breezy. In my opinion, Sheryl Crow should be hailed Queen of Summer Songs for penning this gloriously sunshiny ditty about laying on the sand and sun worshipping. At the very core, it is a jolly song with a simple melody that is always fun to dance to in any party or maybe even sing to in the car on your way to the beach. Wherever, whenever you play this song, it will just elevate your mood and bring you to Summer nirvana.

(We have a tie)
311’s Amber- Once you hear this, you will be (almost instantly) transported to those fun, happy days by the beach: toes curled up in the sand, waves in the background, and the sun shining high above. Get ready for LSS (last-song syndrome for all you baby boomers), because Amber’s catchy guitar intro, chillaxed sound and nostalgic chorus will make you sing long after you step out of the party.

4. Jason Mraz’ I’m Yours- I don’t know if this was released on a summer, but this song just spells L-U-A-U. This just might be the Philippines favorite song of 2008. So what if it has been overplayed, people have not gotten tired of it, no matter how much they say so.
5. Sunset Daze’s Selfish- This is one of those songs that never seem to get tired. As you already know, this used to be a pop song of sorts, before Sunset Daze revived it and turned it into the Beach House classic that we know it today. If this does not bring you memories of Summer, I don’t know what could.

Of Course, five uberly-summery songs aren’t enough to make a playlist, so here are more tracks for your Summer listening pleasure:

Feel Good Summers:

If you are looking for some feel-good tracks for your summer luau why not play Just Go by Lionel Richie and Akon, Sunshine by Gabrielle, Summer Sunshine by The Corrs, Hey Look at the Sun by Sitti, or Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

My personal favorites: Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s little sister, has a new song called Sandcastle Disco. This crazy, sexy, jazzy and fun track is sure to bring you in the summer party mood. Play this side by side with Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On, and you will feel so carefree and light, you just might hear birds singing behind you ear.

Summer on the Rocks:

Although these tracks don’t really mention the sun, summer, or the ocean, they are light, carefree and easy to listen to: kinda like the season of Summer. So if you are looking for edgier songs to play for your summer party try All the Small Things by Blink 183, Someday by Sugar Ray, Smooth and Maria Maria by Santana, or No Doubt’s Hey Baby.

My Personal Favorites: Island in the Sun by Weezer is a gloriously summery track. From the first “hip hip” you are immediately brought to a more relaxed place, where problems, chaos and drama is not possible. Play this back to back with Third Eye Blind’s Semi-Charmed Life and you are sure to keep your guests happy, dancing the night away.

RnB Summer:

If RnB is more of your genre why not play Mariah Carey’s Dream Lover or Honey? Or you could even play Paris Hilton’s Stars are Blind, Akon’s Take You There, Akon’s Take You There, Crazy In Love by Beyonce, My boo by Ghostown DJs, Summer Girls by LFO or Diana King’s Shy Guy. These songs have a summery carefree sound that blend well with any summer party’s mood. For a more urban flava’ try Lil Flip’s Sunshine, which should transport yopu back toy our summer days of High School.

My Personal Favorites: Hey Ya by Outkast is definitely one of the coolest, most fun songs I have ever heard. Outkast’s songs always have a tinge of humor and wit which is always cool to play in any summer party. Play this side by side with Artful dodger’s Summer Jam. Ok, ok. So this isn’t exactly RnB, and it is somewhat reminiscent of old-school house tunes, but it seems like a two-step to me; which I hear is a branch of RnB

Beach House:

For a dose of mainstream House music, perfect for any beach party, try playing On a High by Duncan Sheik, Let Me Think About It by Ida Corr, Kylie Minogue’s Wow, Just The Way You Are by Milky, Telepopmusik’s Just Breathe or Moony’s Flying Away. I also suggest Pure Shores by Al Saints, which isn’t really house, but I’m actually confused on what genre it is under. 

My Personal favorites: Ever After by Bonnie Bailey. This was the Summer song a couple of years back. It just seems to instantly transport you to those careless days on the beach with your friends and family; it just brings you to that place of bliss; when I die, this wil be my heaven’s soundtrack. Play this side by side with Safri Duo’s Bongo song (which reminds everyone of summer fashion shows, bikini season and gimmcikas in Bora) and you are sure to have a great party.

Bordering on the Baduy:

Thease songs I do not have to explain. They are just what they are, fun, almost baduy summer ditties: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sisqo’s Thong Song, Offspring’s Pretty Fly For A White Guy. These are just crazy, fun songs. Just play them, trust me, it won’t destroy your reputation as a partyphile.

Confession #10:

This is totally not just my list of fave summer songs. This list was gathered from an online survey answered by my sweet friends from YM, Facebook, Friendster and Plurk. So it is pretty accurate (not!). Whatever just pick the songs you like and prepare your own little play list. And please, please, please, send me an invite for your summer-themed party at http://confessionsofapartyphile.blo

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