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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume Suggestions

1. Lego
2. butcher
3. lady gaga
4. cereal killer
5. plants vs zombies

Top Ten Halloween Essentials

10 Muddy worms- Simply buy cupcakes and ask the kids in your house to decorate them with dirt and worms. Make dirt by crushing some Oreos, or putting Oreos in a food processor. Use gummy worms instead of real live worms.

9 Prepare Halloween Jello Shots - Click here for the instructions

8 Costumes- Require everybody to be in costume. If you think your friends are not the costumey type, provide hats, masks, and wigs by the door.

7 Discomfort Room- Remember to decorate your comfort room as this is one room that is often left undecorated. Plus, it is quite a novel idea.

6 Iced Snot- If you are serving drinks, remember to put some raisins in your ice cubes because black, wrinkly things in your ice, is never a good thing.

5 Play some scary sounds - Think Thriller, Gregoria Monks, or that Rihanna Video where she tries to sing Mariah (check the video below)

4 Slime Punch- Simply prepare some Lemonade and pour green dye. Then, drop in some chunks of crushed green gelatin to give it a slimy effect

3 floating Hands - grab some surgical gloves, fill it with water, then freeze it. before serving your Slime Punch, peel the glove off and wash the icy hand. Lay it in the middle of your slime punch

2 Scary Movie Marathon - Remember to play Scary movie classics like the exorcist or the ring, or the eye, or the grudge.

1 Order some odd food: DYE your spag, serve some dinuguan, isaw, paella negra, or bat wings (fried chicken coated with a sauce of soy sauce, ketchup, and green dye)

if you really want to scare your partyphile friends, DO NOT SERVE ALCOHOL

Drink of the Week: Jello Shots

This just might be the easiest drink of the week yet. Plus, it is very festive

Simply make the jello according to package instructions but lave out 1/2 cup of water from the instructions. Prepare it and then right befor eyou put it in the molds, mix in 1/2 cup of vodka or gin.

You may put them in condiment cups, little plastic cups or in orange halves (without the orange meat). Oh, and for halloween choose black and orange jelly.