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Friday, February 5, 2010

Video Game Villains Are My Favorite! Woohoo

Everybody has had the experience of spending countless hours in front of the television set or PC trying to beat that annoying evil villain in that oh-so-exciting video game, right? Right!

And it seems that the villains in all these popular video games, role playing games, and online games, are what make them exciting to the player/gamer/consumer. Without these villains, the game would be pointless…or would be a really cool mind game…which is fine…if you don’t have a need for action. Haha.

However, I feel like most people play online games and video games for the action; for the adrenaline rush… and when you need just that…you could look to the villains to give you what you crave for.

And there are a lot of villains to choose from, like those spooky, creepy, disturbing…well, cute, ghosts from Pac-Man; or that huge, ugly turtle in Mario Brothers, who has the ability to jump real high…even with a huge shell attached behind him. And who could ever forget that huge monster, Ganon from the Legend of Zelda? Or Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear? Or even Donkey Kong, when he used to be mean.

Remember how they used to send shivers down your spine? When we were younger, we didn’t know it, but without these villains we all love to hate, the game would be…boooooring.

So could you really blame me for loooooving the villains more than I love the “action hero” in these little games? I mean, who doesn’t love loving to hate somebody…or something… even if it happens to be a menacing turtle? Haha. You get my point…

Villains rock!