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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Partyphile Clues You In: Hangovers

One of the biggest misconceptions in the Philippines is thinking that hangovers happen while you are drunk. That is false. Hangovers do not mean the same as being intoxicated or drunk. A Hangover is that feeling you get the morning after you drink too much. Usually, you get a headache, you are weak and have no energy, your tummy feels funny, and you feel nauseous.

What causes a hangover? A lot of things, actually. Alcoholic beverages contain certain compounds that inspire alcohol, they also inspire dehydration which usually explains why you feel nauseous and weak. What are the best remedies for hangovers? Here is a ten-step remedy for hangovers:

1.) While drinking, remember to choose the lighter colored alcoholic beverage. This will give you less of a hangover.

2.) Remember to eat before and during your drinking session. More food in your body will help delay the absorption of alcohol.

3.) Stay up late. After drinking, do not sleep straight away. Staying up late allows some alcohol to leave your system before going to sleep. You will feel better when you wake up.

4.) Right before you sleep, drink at least two glasses of water.

5.) Wake up at your normal waking time. This will help keep your body clock in check.

6.) After waking up drink some pain killers if you are suffering from a headache.

7.) Eat some protein because it is known to ease a hangover. Eggs are the easiest option.

8.) Avoid caffeine. This will dehydrate you some more and worsen your hangover.

9.) Drink some water to rehydrate your body. Sports drinks are known to be equally as effective so since water is cheaper, drink water instead.

10.) After eating, go back to sleep. When you wake up, your hangover should be gone.

Drink of the Week: Begola Cocktail

Since we are celebrating Anti-Hangover day today I'm giving out a recipe for a cocktail that is said to relieve hangovers by adding some more alcohol into your system, and keeping you hydrated. Here is how you make the morning-after-Begola cocktail:

In a collins glass filled halfway with ice, add :

  • two shots of vodka
  • two shots of blue Gatorade
  • five shots of orange juice (use those that come in cartons in groceries, and not the powdered kind)
Stir and enjoy.

Partyphile Celebrates: Anti-Hangover Day

Today we are celebrating Anti-Hangover Day. Why? Because Hangovers are the banes of Partyphiles' existence. Hangovers prevent us from wanting to drink more and make us realize that we've overdone partying---something no partyphile should ever realize. Thus, I dedicate this day to fighting hangovers!