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Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer State of Mind

Summer State of Mind

Although are days seem to be getting hotter; our nights have suddenly become wetter and colder as well. This is probably one of the reasons why we do not feel like Summer has definitely arrived. And this is a very sad thing. Why? Because Summer is one of the most laid back seasons; and partyphiles love carefree days of wild abandon under the sun or a dry sky at night. In fact, just thinking about the gorgeous season of sand and bikinis (and sand in bikinis) makes one conjure up some really kooky thoughts.

When Summer comes, it brings with itself a promise of a great time with friends, family, and a maybe even the prospect of a Summer fling. And sometimes, even getting yourself in a Summery mood is enough to put your mind at a more relaxed place. So how does one feel like it is Summer when it keeps on raining and the air is cool? Put on your shades, take out that neon parasol, slather some sun block, because here are some quick ways to put you in a Summer State of Mind:

  1. Put On A Song: One of the best ways to change your mood is through music. I suggest that you create a Summer playlist in your mp3 gadget of choice or simply burn a cd and play it all day in your car. Some of the best summer tracks include One Look by Kjwan, Amber and Love Song by 311, Island in the Sun by Weezer, Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow, Pure Shores by All Saints, Summer Sunshine by the Corrs, and whole lot more. A simple online search of the songs that get you in an island-cabana mood would help too if you do not already have your Summer staples in mind.
  2. Redecorate Your Room: Your room is your most personal space; thus it is only natural that it reflects your state of mind. If you want to put yourself in a Summer state of mind, redecorate your room and add a lot of azure and aqua. These colors are not only Summery but are also very relaxing; and that is ultimately the goal to any summer get-away. You may also add items that remind you of the beach like shells or bottled sand.
  3. Movie Marathon: Nothing inspires one to hit the beach better than actually seeing people bathe in a cool ocean while getting a tan on. I suggest you have a Summer movie marathon with your friends. You may choose to watch the second Charlie’s Angels movie, 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, and a host of other Summery movies. Or, why not have a Baywatch marathon?
  4. Hear the Waves: Sometimes, all we really need to get us into a Summery mood is to hear the waves. What I do when I’m craving for a night at the beach (but can’t really afford one or make time for one) is hit Seawall at Matina Aplaya. These days, it is a lot more peaceful (as compared to its heyday as a spot for boozing up) but it seems to be a lot more of a hassle to get to the actual sea wall. However, if you enjoy just sitting on a bench while listening to the waves, this is a cost-free way to do just that. Oh, and the sharks in the little pool are still alive.

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