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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 Terms for Making Love

You wanna tell your partner that Love is whats on your mind during V-Day without letting everybody know about it (especially the kiddies), take note of these top 14 ways to say "i wanna make love"

1.) Do the Deed
As in: "Hey baby...wanna do the deed?"

2.) Get It On
As in: "Honey, let's get it on!!!"

3.) Consummate Marriage
As in: Legally speaking, we are required to consummate our marriage. Let's?

4.) Get Jiggy
As in: "Grab your mojo 'coz we're about to get jiggy, baby!"

5.) Bump and Grind
As in: "We could keep on slow dancing but I've got a little bump and grind on my mind."

6.) Bolt the Nut
As in: "Cupcake, wanna bolt my nut?"

7.) Press the Dingdong
As in: "Darling, wanna press my dingdong?"

8.) Hide the Sausage
As in: "Ok kids, you've had your fun, now it's time for Mommy and I to play hide the sausage..."

9.) Make the Birds meet the Bees
As in: "Let's make the birds meet the bees..they've been missing each other so much that the bird is about to cry."

10.) Do the Horizontal Boogie
As in: "I know you love to dance, but i think you'd do better if we dance the horizontal boogie"

11.) Ride the Disco Stick
As in: "Wanna have fun and ride my disco stick?"

12.) Explore the Cave
As in: "My little adventurer wants to explore the cave!"

13.) Go Forth and Multiply
As in: "I know you love Facebook, but right now the Book is telling me to go forth and multiply..."

14.) Have a Party... In Your Bedroom
(just play the friggin song!)