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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Is the Best Bar?

Whenever people learn about what I do for a living (although my parents argue that it’s what I do for a dying because they claim that partying kills me) their ready question would always be: “what is the best club in Davao?” Some even ask me what the best club in the Philippines is. This question is the KILLER for a partyphile like me. I feel like I should have a ready answer because everybody expects me to (and then they proceed to criticize my choice) and because, well, it is kind of part of my job to know the ins and outs of partying. But this all changed when I visited the capital city recently.

During this recent trip in Manila, I discovered one thing: certain partyphiles belong to certain types of party places. I, for one, frequent Starr in Davao. Why? Because I know the people. I am comfortable with the crowd. And when I party anywhere else in the Philippines, I only tend to enjoy bars that house the same crowd as that of Starr. Why? Because I am comfortable with that crowd. In a sense, partyphiles pick out their favorite bars not because they like the place or the music, but because they can relate with the crowd. Of course, other things factor in, but at the end of the day, the crowd dictates the whole party experience and it is important that you feel some sort of solidarity with the group that parties in some bar to make it your preferred bar.

As I always say, partying is all about politics. It is about finding your own status in the social ladder and enjoying your stay. It is not about looking down on others, or idolizing and trying to be one with the chosen few who are “up there” in the partyphile ladder of success; it is about enjoying where you currently are.

So what is the best bar? I can’t say. It all depends on your crowd, your type of party, and your mood when you go there. Because at the end of the day, the one thing that really matters is your desire to party.

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