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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can You Feel The Heat?

Uh huh. Last night my friends and i were in DC Farenheit. Its a new club near Gaisano Mall, and the Mental Hospital. hahaha... Anyways, it was their opening yesterday so we decided to party there... and it was a mix of stuff...i rerally did not understand what had happened last night. it was not exciting there, but it was not boring as well. i think maybe the fact that it was new made it different.

i have gone to all the bars in davao and for the longet time i have been looking for a new party place; sopmewhere i could go to and discover something new aside from new faces dancing around me...

and as i was standing in the middle of the blue room in farenheit, i realized that with new experiences comes great insecurities. I realized that if i was somewhere where i had VIP status, i would not feel embarrased to climb up the speakers, dance til i drop and revel in all the attention, but here, where the people are such a vast mix of classes, stereotypes and leagues, i just could not find my place. although i am one hard core partyphile, i have never been one to spend a lot. i am not a big spenmder. i have never been the one to climb the ladder of society. i am not a social climber. and i have never been one to drink all my problems away. i am not an emtional drinker. and somehow, by some cosmic tragedy, these were the people that were present in farenheit last night.

but something tells me im going to be back, because even though i am not an emotional drinker, a big spender, or a social climber, i like to see and be seen. and i have learned so much in life to know that fatrenheit is ther place to be right now.

confession #11

there is just something about farenheit thats unsettling to me..its probably because its all just too flat.. no stairs, no second floors, no platforms, no nothing to stand up on so you could be higher than everybody else... so i would have to accept the fact that i am not like the people dancing away in the club. i am below them. i am insecure. and that to me is very very disturbing; to face the reality of your persona where you should really be feeling good about yourself, dancing the night away