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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You asked, I answered Part II

A few days ago, I answered some of your questions about partying and/or drinking alcohol. Since then, more and more queries got to me through social networking sites and the ever-trusty BBM. Thus, here is the second part of You Asked, Partyphile Answered for the year.

Bo asks: What is your ideal Chill-Out party?
Zhaun answers: My idea of a perfect Chill Out party has all white interiors, music from Telepopmusik, Angela McCluskey, and Frou Frou, lounge chairs, bean bags, and lush carpeting. Also, they have to have light, comforting food items that are easy to eat, and alcoholic beverages that are easy on the palette. It would also be a huge help if they assigned a butler per table.

Sid asks: What piece of advice can you give the youth about drinking alcohol?
Zhaun answers: Stop it! Seriously though, learn how much you can take ad never exceed your limit. Never try to compete with other people because everyone has different alcohol tolerance.

Jon asks: Does partying always need to involve alcohol?
Zhaun answers: Of course not! I’ve been partying without drinking since early this year. If you are in the right company, partying is fun with or without alcohol.

Carlo Gabriel: Do low-calorie alcoholic beverages prevent you from getting fat?
Zhaun answers: If you drink a whole case, then it wouldn’t. As with anything, the key here is moderation. The truth is, any type of alcohol stimulates the production of cortisol which makes you gain weight. But if you had to drink, stick to low calorie beer instead of alcopop which has the same amount of calories as a hundred grams of lechon per bottle.

Bianca asks: How do you avoid bar fights if the bar is full of jerks?
Zhaun answers: Avoid the bar.

BJ asks: What is the best way to keep someone who is intoxicated with alcohol calm?
Zhaun answers: If he gets wild when he’s drunk, I suggest that you take him home. If that doesn’t sober him up, wake his mother up and let her deal with him. If he refuses to go home, leave him at the beer. Sometimes, the best type of love is tough love.

Ezra asks: How do I get rid of my hangover?
Zhaun: Stay hydrated and eat some protein. Scrambled eggs with cheese is probably the easiest to make when you have a hangover and is very effective. Avoid caffeine and sports drinks, wake up at your normal waking time, drink more water, then go back to sleep.

Ryan asks: How do you organize a party?
Zhaun answers: That’s very difficult to answer because I would have to know what type of party you plan on organizing but the basic elements to consider are the: guest list, the food, the drinks, the theme, the interiors, the invitations, the entertainment, the giveaways, ad the program. There are a lot of unique ideas online and a little research can help you a lot.

Diane asks: Do you get drunk faster at night or during the day?
Zhaun answers: It actually depends on where you drink. If you drink in a cold place, you get drunk faster because your metabolism slows down.

You asked, I Answered

Gone are the days when people would voluntarily send columnists e-mail questions regarding their topic of expertise. These days, if there isn’t a prize involved, it doesn’t seem like anybody wants to ask anymore. Why? Because it is obviously easier to Google stuff. But you know what would be even easier than Googling? Answering questions through social networking sites. And that is what I’ve been busy with recently. I’ve started to accept questions from my online network ad have started answering them as well. It’s kind of a strategy to get them interested in reading more full-length articles like this one, and it’s more convenient for the asker to just read the reply instead of researching on Google (which is now considered tiresome by many). The premise is, if a lot more people get to read individual questions and answers online, a lot more people would be interested in reading more questions. When that happens, people start to think of some of their own questions, and I get to write more helpful articles. Sound plan, right? So here is the fruit of my first attempt at impromptu party-question answering.

Cherry asks: I’m not sure if I know anybody at a party. Should I still go?
Zhaun answers: Here is the thing. When people see you alone in a bar, drinking by yourself, you may come off as a sexual predator. You know, the type who simply goes to a bar to hook up. And that is fine if that is your intention, but if it isn’t than skip the party and go someplace else where you can enjoy some “me” time like a spa or at a coffee shop with a book.

However, if it is a party that celebrates something like a grand birthday, wedding, debut, or corporate thingie, then you should drop by just to tell the celebrator that you made the effort to celebrate the occasion with them. You can always leave once you feel awkward and uncomfortable, but make your presence be known to the celebrator. Also, why not use this opportunity to make new friends a possible love connection?

McJorick asks: Why do people dress up when they party when they just end up getting puked on, waster, or worse?
Zhaun answers: Because, at the very core, the point of partying is socializing; not getting drunk. I guess, it just makes people more confident to socialize when they are dressed properly.

Ice asks: What do you gain from partying or drinking?
Zhaun: I think that the whole reason why people party may be summed up in three words: relaxing, socializing, and networking. Different people party for different reasons, while some party for all three. The thing is, there is a lot of things to gain from partying although a lot of people tend to link it with very negative images or memories. When played right, partying can be your lucky charm when it comes to your business or job.

As for drinking, it helps you forget about your job, your mom, your wife, and your boss.

Galilea asks: In your opinion, what is the craziest thing a person can do when partying?
Zhaun answers: Not paying the bill. Word will get around and everyone will think you intentionally did it. Also, making out with someone else while your boy/girlfriend is in the area. Or, revealing one of your scandalous secrets.

Peter asks: Is it true that drinking through a straw makes you get drunk faster? 
Zhaun answers: It is not true. Straws just make you drink faster.

Drink of the Week: Irish Cofee

Irish Coffee is the perfect thing to drink during cold, rainy days. It warms the heart with coffee and cream, and warms the body with whiskey. Make this whenever you feel the need to stay in and enjoy it with some cookies and a good movie.

Here is how you make the gorgeous Irish Coffee

In an Irish Coffee glass combine:

  • 3 shots of hot, strong coffee
  • 1 shot of Whiskey
  • 1 teaspoon (or more, to taste) of brown sugar
and stir until they are well blended. Then, top the glass with some whipped cream.

An old friend used to say that Irish Coffee has the four major food types an adult needs: Dairy, Fat, Alcohol, and Caffeine.

Newsflash: July 4, 2012


iTunes Store opens in 12 Asian countries

Cupertino has finally launched its iTunes Store in 12 Asian countries including Singapore, giving local customers access to the full range of content available for download such as digital music and movies, instead of previously just apps for Apple devices.
Besides Singapore, the 11 other countries are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, according to the company's press releaseWednesday.
Before the iTunes Store was available in Singapore, local users could only buy and download apps on their Apple devices, but notmusic or movies. In order to get access to other content, they had to buy gift cards to make purchases in the iTunes stores of other countries to do so.


Jessica Sanchez Being Considered for Lead Role in Miss Saigon Film

After snagging her first acting gig on the popular TV seriesGlee, the American Idol Season 11 runner-up is reportedly in talks for another music-related turn on-screen: a film adaptation of the legendary Broadway musical Miss Saigon.

Associated Free Press: 
Guinness says Philippine croc world's largest

A saltwater crocodile weighing more than a tonne and suspected of killing two people in the Philippines has been declared the largest such reptile in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records.
The 6.17-metre (20.24-foot) male, nicknamed "Lolong", was captured in the Agusan marsh on the southern island of Mindanao last September after a two-year search following the killing of a girl and the disappearance of a fisherman.

Mirror UK:

Disneyland in the Philippines? Congressman writes to theme park chairman to encourage development on former US air base

First District Rep. Carmelo "Tarzan" Lazatin has written Robert Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company based in Burbank, California, USA, to ask him to consider Clark for their next Walt Disney park, saying that Clark's 4,400 hectare main zone and 27,600-hectare subzone will be the best place for a new Disneyland.
"Aside from the huge space it provides, the Clark Freeport Zone can be an attractive destination for Disneyland theme park because of the tax-free privileges given to locators," said Lazatin in his letter dated April 11.
Lazatin also cited Clark International Airport, world-class airport which is expected to serve at least 1.6-million passengers this year.