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Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Party Gems: The Best of the Best

2009 was definitely a hot year for the Davaoeno partyphile. At the start of the year, most people were too quick to proclaim the party scene, dead on arrival (as in, the beginning of 2009) but a few events, and advancements throughout the year definitely made 2009 one of the hippest, hottest years during the last decade (2000-2009). Below are the Bests of the year.

Best New Beer: Coors Light has taken the cake for the best new beer of 2009. Although the brand is not new at all, a local brewer started producing and distributing the product. The taste is crisp, clean, and it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated. The beer has to be served ice-cold, and it has an indicator in the bottle (a white mountain that turns blue) to tell you that it is ready to serve and enjoy. If a low-calorie beer is what you prefer, this is definitely the drink for you.

Best New Bar- There is absolutely no question that the Metro Lounge is now the best bar in the city. It is where all the partyphiles have flocked to every weekend and it has hosted some of the best parties in 2009. The posh interiors make up for the lack of space, and the crowd is one that seems to bring back memories of the glorious party days of old. The drinks are great, the food is great (I terribly enjoy their bacon-wrapped mushrooms), and the service is impeccable. Plus, is there any other bar that serves free drinks?

Best New Drink- Gilbey’s Premium Strength has been on everybody’s lips. So much so that I am tempted to volunteer myself as their endorser, for free. It has a citrusy-sweet taste that will make you come back for more. The question is, how many bottles can you take? GPS, as it is fondly called in the party world, has seven percent alcohol, considerably higher than your usual bottle of beer. And even though this is hardly an ale, it has managed to replace beer as the most common drink seen in a partyphile’s hand.

Best Event Organizers- No self respecting Davaoeno partyphile has not yet been to a Fish Tank event. They have given us hot bangin’ parties throughout the year (Traffic, Confessions, Wave, Hypnotiq, and Unleashed). They have managed to tickle the local partyphile’s fancy with their brand of concept-parties, giving the local crowd a taste of Partyphile Nirvana. They bring in hot DJs from all over the country, and throw parties like it is nobody’s business. And although there are bigger, more established, events organizing groups in the country; in Davao City, Fish Tank Productions, reigns supreme. This is definitely no small fry.

Best Store/Shop- 147 Beer Avenue is located inside the Legaspi Suites compound, and even though it is not known to many, this place houses one of the funkiest stores in town. 147 Beer Avenue sells the widest selection of imported and flavored beers in the city, and they serve it with a smile. The store resembles a pub, with a flat screen television on one wall, a couple of refs housing the best beers from around the globe, and funny tongue-in-cheek statements about alcohol. This is what heaven would look like for the common beer drinker.

Best Local DJ- 2009 was definitely the year of the Torch. He has managed to cement himself as the hottest, most in-demand DJ in the city with his brand of crowd pleasing songs that would make anybody jump up and dance. He has mastered the art of staying in tune with the pulse of the dance floor, and manages to keep a cut above the rest when it comes to song selection. More importantly, he does all this with a ready smile, and good-guy demeanor.

Best Radio Show- Confessions of a Partyphile the radio show started playing on the air on the second part of 2009 and it has helped make the local partyphile’s life easier. This three hour radio show on 105.9 Mix FM plays music that is currently heard in the clubs, while updating listeners about the up-coming parties and events. The show also gives tips on how to throw house parties and make your own cocktails, Catch it every Wednesday evening, 6 to 9 PM on 105.9 Mix FM.

Best Chill out Spot- The Habana compound has become one of the best spots to hang out when partyphiles do not feel like dancing the night away. With a lot of pubs and resto bars to choose from, the Habana compound has something for everyone. What sets Habana from all the other watering holes? The crowd is pleasing, it isn’t as chaotic; and it is very peaceful. It is one of the few places where you could actually still converse while sharing your favorite drink (mine is Bols Peppermint from SomePlaceElse).

Best New Song- Patron Tequila did not only put the Paradiso Girls on the map, it has also managed to revive the demand for the brand of tequila. The song gained popularity during the fourth quarter of 2009 and has managed to capture what partying- 2009 style- was all about. With lyrics about getting drunk and not giving a care about it; this was definitely the anthem of Davaoeno partyphiles for the year just ended.

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