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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 15 Alcohol Facts

15.) The top five most alcoholic drinks in the world are: Everclear Vodka (95.5%), our very own Lambanog ( 80 90%), Devil Springs Vodka (80%), Bacardi 151 (75.5%), Sierra Silver Tequila (75%)

14.) In some European countries, McDonalds serve alcohol.

13.) Beer is the oldest drink in the world and is the most-consumed drink in the world after water and tea.

12.) Winston Churchill was one the world’s heaviest drinkers. Adolf Hitler was one of the most popular abstainers from alcohol.

11.) Wines should be stored on their sides so the corks may be kept moist. Dry corks allow oxygen to pass which defeats the whole purpose of it.

10.) Alcohol does not decrease the effectivity of antibiotics. It is a myth that you should swear off alcohol when taking antibiotics.

9.) The top three countries with the highest consumption of beer are Czech Republic, Germany, and Ireland

8.) Champagne may only be considered Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France. Otherwise, it is only considered ‘Sparkling White Wine’

7.) Moderate drinking does not affect women who are pregnant, and does not affect the child they are carrying.

6.) Contrary to popular belief, alcohol actually decreases your body temperature.

5.) Snake wine is popular in the Phillippines as well as in China, right? In Cambodia, they have Tarantula Brandy, and in Korea, they have Baby Mouse Liquor.

4.) The most popular cocktail in the world is the martini.

3.) The pressure in Champagne is 3x ore than that of the pressure inside a car’s tire

2.) Most vegetable and almost all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol in them.

1.) Although “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is considered to be the shortest sentence that includes all the letters of the alphabet, alcohol lovers came up with one of their own “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”

Drink of the Week: Orange Cocktails

If you only have orange juice and are wondering what to do with it, here are some easy orange juice cocktails:

Screwdriver: 1 shot vodka. orange juice to fill glass

Tequila Sunrise: 1 shot tequila. orange juice to fill glass. 1 teaspoon Grenadine

Orange Blossom: 1 shot gin. orange juice to fill glass

Mimosa: equal parts Champagne and Orange Juice

October 5 is World Teacher's Day

Today is World Teacher's Day! So gather all your dumb friends and school them about the whole partyphile world. Give them tips about alcohol, partying, and maybe even teach them some cocktail recipes.