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Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Party-Throwing Tips

For the common partyphile, throwing hot parties seems natural. We simply create a theme, stick to it, invite a handful, pour some alcohol click some glasses, and voila--- an epic party has been thrown. However, during this season, partyphiles always have to face their worst fear: throwing a Christmas party.

Here is the deal: when we talk about Christmas parties that we throw ourselves out of our own will, we actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, when we are forced into organizing a Christmas party, it seems like all hell breaks lose and stress just comes flooding through our lives as if flood gates of stress-triggers have just been opened. For the really pitiful partyphile pushed into organizing a Christmas party for his office, school org, school mates, class mates, church mates, seat mates, cheat mates, and all other social groups sine time immemorial, a comma is inevitable. Why? Because organizing a party that is supposed to be fun for everyone is hard to do. Why? Because when you take some random group of people, it is hard to get an idea of what they like doing and what they enjoy. Moreover, it seems impossible to please each and every single one of the party’s attendees. In fact, simply gathering all the attendees before the party happens to draw names that decide who shall exchange gifts with whom is a gargantuan task all in itself. The good news is, I felt really inspired today so I decided to give you three tips on how to make organizing a Christmas party a little easier for you instead of going on and on with my holiday rants. So here are my tips:

  • Although it is really tempting hire a caterer to get rid of your food preparing problems, the truth is, for groups comprised of people who do not see each other often, asking for the payment for the caterer is very difficult. Moreover, caterers’ prices spike up during the season and since they are extra busy, you would need to book them way ahead. The solution: a potluck party. Again, the only problem with potluck parties is that people bring either similar food, or food that are so different they can not be eaten together. The solution is simple: throw a potluck party but set a theme. For example, you can require the party attendees to bring Pizza or Pasta ONLY. Or, you may ask them to bring some Chinese food. If you want a more diverse spread, assign each person to bring a specific kind of foodstuff. Assign some people to bring dessert, some to bring some alcohol, some to bring entrees…. You get the idea.
  • When it comes to exchanging gifts, it becomes very difficult to see each other at one time just to draw names to decide who gives gifts to whom. I suggest you set a price range and simply exchange gifts on the day of the party. Of course, everyone would have to bring a gift that would be good for everyone, but all the effort that goes into scouring for the perfect gift that anyone would like is part of the fun.
  • If you want to keep your party exciting for everyone, it is important that you follow a program. Leave all your hang-ups out the door and play silly games and give away prizes. You may also play drinking games or a trivia game involving bits of trivia about Christmas and the attendees of the party. Although eating and giving gifts is exciting, it should not be the only thing to transpire during the party. Remember, you are get together to bond with the other attendees of the party. Plan activities that will allow you to have fun while bonding and strengthening relationships with other people in the party.

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