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Monday, June 29, 2009

Partyphile Definiton/ Meaning

Partyphile (noun) : A Partyphile is a person who loves to party. This is the direct translation of the word "gimikero". Partyphiles are clasy individuals who do not puke in public, always smell like a bottle of perfume, and never pay for their drinks. They are sext, but aren't sluts. They aren't all rich, but they earn enough to party hearty.

Do not confuse with partyphile wannabees and new partyphiles.

Partyphiles are established party-goers, while new-partyphiles are jsut learning the ropes.

Partyphile wannabees are cheap imitations of ultimate partyphiles. the "made in china" version, if you may. (and npo, i do not mean chinese people, i just mean, they're like the bootleg copies)

Tipsy is A Favorite Word

Whoever invented the word Tipsy is officially my fave person.

when you are tipsy, you aren't too wasted that you make a fool of yourself. but, you are wasted enough to blame everything you do on alcohol. including sleaping with a stranger, flirting with your "best friend", or tellin g everyone to use your belly as a shot glass

Dunhill Frost Super Menthol Cigarettes

Is it just me, or is Dunhill Frost THE best mentholated cigarette in town?

Confessions @ the Metro Lounge

Hey guys, if ytou are looking for some cool place to go this Friday, i'll be hosting a party at Metro Lounge, entitled coincidental, right?

anyways, its an all black and white party, so please come in black and white. attention whores need not come in red.duh..gross.never even try to upstage me.

anyways, party starts at 9. the tickets are sold for 250 pesos. they've got an open bar, so forget about buying drinks and stuff. you should be all set for the night..

plus im giving away a lot of prizes and stuff.

Davao's Ultimate Partyphile recommends it, so you know it's gonna be great.

Be there, or forever be damned by the partyphile gods!

see you

Davao's Ultimate Partyphile: Zhaun Ortega