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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Windows Have Opened.

Alright. remember when i was depressed like shit, and i was like, all positive and stuff?

um. my life has now become the positive. i mean, i quit law school and sobbed for that for a while, but wenough about that.

and then my bopss decides that he does not want me to work part time for him, and that crushed me as well.. and im like, now this is a bomb. that would have paid good, and it was a pretty decent job (well aside for the content which happened to be sexually explicit) and so i thought that i was lost and what not.

but now, i think that was the best thing thast happened to me. because of quitting law school and because my boss did not accept my proposal to work part time (i guess its good bye to my dreams of purchasing a laptop), i had the courage to do so0mething i really really wanted to do: become a Dj.

and getting there was not that tough a road. i just called the station, i was interview for a couple of minutes the enxt day and had started my training. now, i just survived a week's worth of technicalitites (it is surprisingly very very very technical) but i enjoyed it sooo muuch.
its so fresh and new, and lets face it, its one of the coolest jobs on earth. right? right. does not pay much, but who cares? i mean... i don't but i ahd to make ends meet as well. so i asked a friend of mine (jenny) to look for a tutee for me. so now i am also a tutor. i tutor this korean kid named Epiphanio. his mom says he is very naughty but we'll see tomorrow when i finally start handling him.

what else? oh! my thrid article for edge newspaper was just published,. and im expecting to get paid for m6y article in You magazine pretty soon. and the issue where my first article for You magazine will be released this month. so happy happy joy joy.

and this month of november...thjis marks my official start as a vocalist. i mean i used to sing before, but starting this november, im going to have regular gigs at pescado.

also, karla singson has just given me a new job. web content writing as well. pays the same as my [porn writing stint, but its more morally acceptable...

so there..imk juggling (or will be juggling) 5 jobs starting this month

confession #22

i am now a columnist--DJ--tutor--Web content writer-- vocalist-- partyphile!

and im kinda scared. scared that i might bge taking on too much...but then again, when you like what you do, it bnever seems too much...