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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Techno. House. Rhythm. Bounce

Music: it has always been the most important factor to a hot bangin’ party. Gimikans everywhere gain and enjoy popularity because of the quality of music they play; some even go to the extent of creating exclusive mixes to address the need of the crowd. Some gimikans have even ceased to be main stream just because of the type of music they play; they suddenly cater a specific niche. Music that is played in clubs could even dictate what types of people the establishment draws in.


A couple of years back, most clubs and bars played only three genres of music: R&B and House and Techno (Trance, after all, is ancient and should be left in Tito’s baul). And we were fine with that. These types of music clearly defined the crowd, and the preferred time these crowds visit a particular bar.


It used to be, the people who weren’t much into dancing would get to the club earlier, because then they would still be playing main stream R&B music, and they could drink their socks off while listening to music that was probably already playing in their car radio. Of course, things could get a little rowdy sometimes while still on the R&B mode, what with all those High School boys trying to copy that Usher-esque type of swagger, and those little College girls trying to dance like those poor creatures you see dancing half-naked in those music videos. Sometimes they get carried away with the fakeness of it all and act crazy. They get drunk, start to dance, strip on top of bars and counters and just get stupid.


On the other hand, house and techno lovers get to the bar to dance while getting drunk, instead of dancing after one has mustered enough alcohol-induced courage. Their dance steps seem more organic, not much hand waving, no Paula Abdul-Michael Jackson popping moves, no “I Am Hot” facial expressions, and definitely no moon walking. They just move to the beat, somehow, without clear choreography. But when you mix House and Techno with druggies and junkies, you are in for something really wild. I refuse to talk about this too much, just because I believe that what happens in a bar, should definitely stay there; trust me though, when I say, it doesn’t always end up as sunny and fun as those saccharine sweet lyrics from Beach House ditties.


But then again, that has been the club culture even before I started clubbing, and I was fine with that. However, I have sensed a change in today’s music. More and more main stream R&B music is being flavored with House and Techno influences.


I mean, once in a while, there has always been that popular R&B song, which was somehow set to a House groove or beat. However, the main stream pop songs now are sounding more and more like party ditties, and I do not know if I should be happy about it or not. I mean, how did this happen? Should we blame the pop Diva,  Mariah Carey for breaking all the rules with one song? When she made Fantasy back in 1995, she not only sampled the club favorite, “Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club”, she even collaborated with the hardest rapper around, ODB.


So you can’t really blame Rihanna for following suit and infusing her music with House grooves as in Disturbia or Don’t Stop the Music; she grew up listening to these Mariah tracks. And then there’s Closer from Ne-yo, Forever by Chris Brown; My Flow So Tight by the Jump Smokers; Sugar by Flo Rida and Wynter sampling the ‘90s hit- Blue, and the ever hypnotic Insomnia by Craig David. Not that these aren’t all great songs, I am just anxious, worried and excited to know how these changes will affect the club scene. Will the House, Techno and R&B lovers form one homogenous group, or will the House lovers look for another genre of music because, well, House and Techno have never been produced to be main stream; these songs have always been part of an alternative culture, and maybe therein lies the allure of those beats and grooves?


Sadly, all we partyphiles can do is just step back and wait for these changes to occur. Don’t try to fight it dahlings, things just always seem to get better. Just listen to the music and allow it to take you wherever it wants you to go.


Confession 36:


At this time of musical uncertainty and mash-ups, maybe the only constant we need after a long hard day is a bunch of friends, great conversation, and some freezing-cold beer, whatever music is playing ion the background.


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Depression Sinks In

Why does everyone seem happier when im depressed?

I aM Cold

I love it when the air is cool, it sets the stage for me to contemplate on life in general. when its hot, its just too bothersome. but when its cool, somehow you remember your yesterdays and look forward to tomorrows. something happens to me when its cold, call me crazy but somehow, the cold makes me feel more human. it allows me to strip down all my walls and finally accept that i too am human: vulnerable, emotive, passionate, and sometimes a little undecisive. :D

right now, i feel cold. i am man

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adam Lambert Scandal

Here's the so-called Adam Lambert Scandal, which isn't really that shocking too me. Whatever, i hope Kris wins.

You must admit though that he's got enough junk in his trunk to fill out the back side of that bathing suit.

Rainy Days. LEts have a party

The hard rains are here and little tragedies are bound to follow. In Partylandia, there is a premium on sunny days and warm nights, because they can affect a partyphile’s mood, or worse, the mood of his/her party. However, instead of trying to work your way around the weather, why not make it the theme of your next house party?


Since the rains have come, why not host an event to welcome the rainy season? This is not only a unique way to throw a house party, but this will also leave you feeling warm and fuzzy ‘til the wee hours of the morning. Here’s how:


Ambience: When it rains and pours, one wants nothing more than to cuddle up with some plush pillows or curl up in a soft chair. So for this type of party, plastic chairs and tables won’t work. Instead, bring out all your mattresses, lay them out on the floor, and cover them with a plush bed cover, some fluffy pillows and blankets. Fill your sofa with fluffy pillows as well to add to the effect. Also, to take the cuddling to an all new level, try using soft textures like pure cotton, fleece, or velvet. Silk and satin sheets and beddings won’t work here because they feel hot and stick to the skin.


Think of more relaxing colors like dark neutrals. I would suggest an all chocolate brown theme. To add interest, keep the pillows and blankets lighter. Do not turn any white light on, it does nothing for the complexion, plus it reminds people of kitchens, hospitals, and offices; not relaxing havens of pure bliss. Keep the lights dim and at a minimum, you would want people to relax and feel at home.


Food: When rainy days come people often crave for a heaping bowl of hot soup. Serve up the traditional Arroz Caldo, Tinola, Chicken Soup or create your own ham chowder. If you want to serve something more unique, try downloading a Minestrone recipe; this is not only a very healthy soup, but is also quite addictive. Your guests will surely ask for more. Serve your soup with some toasted bread, baguettes or crackers.


Drinks: Serve up some hot traditional drinks with a twist. Why not try serving some apple cider tea topped with whipped cream? How about some coffee spiked with kahlua, or some hot choco spiked with Bailey’s Cream? You could also serve some salabat, regular hot choco made from tablea or cocoa powder, freshly brewed coffee or tea. And for the kiddies, serve up some hot milk with their choice of chocolate or strawberry syrup, top with whipped cream and sprinkle to give it a festive touch.



Games: I usually suggest games you fun and crazy games you could play, but for this party, I suggest you play something mellower. Try playing classic games like Scrabble, the seemingly never-ending game of Monopoly, Chekers, Chess, and Games of the Generals; or try some Poker or Mah Jong.


Music: You could choose to play some somber songs like Dido’s Thank You, which actually has optimistic lyrics but a very sad sound to it, Nina’s Someday or Sarah Machlachlan’s Angel. You could also opt to play some fun and Summery songs to help you forget about the rainy days like Solange Knowles’ Sandcastle Disco, Lionel Richie’s Just Go, Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On, or any Bob Marley Song.


I hope you enjoy your rainy day party; grab some comfortable clothes, plush blankets, and a cuddly partner (live or stuffed). And remember to prepare everything before the guests arrive so you won’t be stressing yourself out.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Things that make you go "hmm"

heres anothe rthing thats bound to make u go "hmmm"

anyways..its their alleged scandal which isnt a tad bit scandalous.hahaha


Sunday, May 10, 2009


add me sa tiwtter search zhaun ortega. :-D

Pirate Princess Pickle Bunny

Why not do this to your friends the next time they pass out from too much booze?

Beyonce Party!

Here's Beyonce looking polished in a mini black dress and sleek hair. However i just foind this gross. I mean, who parties like this? Even her Louis Vuitton bag can't save her from all this party grossness. 

Its just too crowded and its not looking like a cool and happenin party. I mean what is everyone doing?

over crowded. no dancing. just gross celeb ogling.yucks.beyonce dear, i knwo u wanna hog the spot light but do it in a classier club next time...gross..wherever this is

Party Mimi!

here's Mayrye/Mimi/MC/Mariah carey partying with her boss' (Jay-Z) main squeeze, Beyonce. How come Mariah looks younger than Beyonce? She's supposed to be 39 years old already right?

And i love Mariah but she looks like a fish in this ensemble..but i guess its typical Mariah. Short, low neck-line (bossoms popping out) and glittery. But the hair looks great, she seems innocent until you glance at her boobs...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Philippine Daily Inquirer! Love Love Love it!

One of my articles finally got published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and I am uber-excited about it. It was published last saturday, May 2. And it was entitled Clean Plate. Click on the link to get to the site. :-) thank you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

life isnt so sunny

so im still confused. do i move to manila and live there forever and ever? or dpo i stay here and really enjoy everything i have going on?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

party inside me?

last night i went out with my college friends and we started drinking in torres (duh. hello?!? its where all the magic happens) and then we procedded to urban club..

oh and we have a new fave drink. this gilbeys ginseng/green tea/citrus mix of sorts

anyways...between that and dancing like we were high ..i realized..maybe im too old for the party scene. im too tired to actuallty enjoy it and doesnt hit the spot anymore..

i dont used to be..i would feel bad when i would the club

now however..i feel relieved.

could it be possible that this partyphile has grown up finally?

i dont know

confession :

well..even if im thinking of letting go of actually..well...i feel like i have a party oinside of me...and maybe thats what being a partyphile really means..bringing along a party with you..wherever the fuck you find yourself..i dont know..jkust thinking out loud.