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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drink of the Week: Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate contains some of the sexiest ingredients all in one glass. Serve this to your partner this Valentines and prepare for some action in the sack. Here's how:
In a blender combine:

  • two scoops of chocolate ice cream
  • 1 oz of chocolate syrup
  • 1 oz of coffee liqueur
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1 cup crushed ice
and then blend until the drink is smooth. Serve it in a hurricane glass, and top it with some sexy whipped cream and a succulent red cherry.

Partyphiles Confess: Valentines Gifts

I asked: What is the best Valentines gift?

Here are your answers:

  1. Gretchen Fullido: Honesty ad loyalty for people in a relationship. For material gifts, a ring or bracelet that has "meaning" is really sweet.
  2. Micah Frasco: If your partner gives his best efforts just to spend time with you no matter how tired or busy he is. A surprise getaway is also nice.
  3. Michael Parr: TLC, Hugs, and Kisses
  4. Jane Francis: Prayer
  5. Ling Paradero: Lingerie
  6. Noel Christ: A marriage proposal if they aren't married yet.
  7. Yvonne Berzabal: The usual flowers and chocolates
  8. Raymund Libre: A bunch of flowers made out of chocolates instead of the usual flowers and chocolates combo.
  9. Pee-ay Sanico: A trip to El Nido
  10. Carl Abueva: His time
  11. Petrina Ng: A roatrip to somewhere nice and rural and then floating lanterns at night.
  12. Chakadal: Yourself
  13. Juyjuy Rivera: For me, a bag from Charles and Keith
  14. RJ: Showing how much you love your partner just by saying "I Love You" sincerely
  15. Tomas: True love
  16. Mars: True love, loyalty and faithfulness
  17. Janus: A marriage proposal or a diamond ring
  18. AJ Gutang: A ring that symbolizes true love that will last forever.
  19. Rolly Marcial: Dinner you cooked yourself
  20. Koko: Couple ring
  21. Angel Ortega: Since I'm in a long-distance relationship, it would be good just to see my partner.
  22. Jenn Cadavas: A kiss to seal the deal
  23. Lloyd: with all the technology ad social netowrking sites, I think it would be a breath of fresh air to receive a traditional, hand-written, Valentines card. It's the effort that matters to me ad I'm pretty sure only few people give cards away these days.
  24. Kesh: Dinner date would be good
  25. Aris: A copilation of all my favorite songs fled into one disc
  26. Arvin Erick: Not material things. If you are courting someone and she or he says yes. Thats the best gift.
  27. Cyrus: Time. Life is so demanding nowadays that the gift of time is something worth appreciating
  28. Peter: Bouquet of white roses
  29. Ron Chuan: Time especially since Valentines falls on a weekday this year.
  30. Dino Danao: A hug from your enemies
  31. Jeremy Yap: Love in the bedroom
  32. Telai Jarabelo: friendship
  33. Enzo Lopez: Sex toys