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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Ten Lies People Tell When They're Drunk

First of all id like to thank @hykudesesto for giving me the idea about the topic and @msderossi for asking her followers

10 I'll just go to the toilet

Code for: I'm leaving. Now!

9 You’re so beautiful.

Code for: Everyone is beautiful after six shots of Tequila

8 Yes, sir. I won’t be late tomorrow.

Code for: I won’t be late. I’ll be absent.

7 No, I don’t feel like vomiting.

Code for: Make way! My dinner is about to fill the dance floor.

6 I just had one drink, Mom.

Code for: One drink, one bottle, what's the difference?

5 Sorry. I don’t know how I ended up in your bed.

Code for: Does it really matter how I got here?

4 I swear, I thought you were my girlfriend.

Code for: You are soooo much hotter than my girlfriend.

3 Yes, I love you.

Code for: Let’s make babies.

2 I’m single

Code for: She won’t know about this.

1 I’m not drunk, I’m tipsy.

Code for: I’m about to pass out