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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Top 3 Song Choices/ Performances

Here are Jessica Sanchez' songs/performances for American Idol Season 11 top 3.

Here, jessica Sanchez tackles Mariah Carey's My All

On her second performance, Jessica takes on Aerosmith's mega hit I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing

Finally, Jessica performs a track from the Jackson 5 which was also done by Mariah Carey in 1992. I'll Be There was a number one hit for both Jackson 5 and Carey, will it help Bebe Chez reach the top?

What can you say about these performances?


For some people, May 5 is just another day. For others, it marks a very special Holiday: Cinco De Mayo. For Davaoeno partyphiles, it meant another reason to party.

And that was just what we did as we attempted to celebrate a foreign holiday in a familiar way in Confessions of a Partyphile’s Mayhem: The Patron Tequila Cinco de Mayo Party. So what went down during this hot union of sexy people and seductive Tequila? Here’s the dish.

Marco Polo Davao, the usual venue for the Confessions of a Partyphile party series, was pimped to look like a Mexican Cantina to celebrate Cinco de Mayo; a Mexican Holiday that was said to turn bad spirits away.

I don’t know about turning bad ones away, but it definitely attracted the good kind of spirit; the spirit we enjoy drinking; the spirit we call: Patron Tequila. We all know how good Patron Tequila is, and there is no denying its mass appeal, but to make things even more special, Patron Tequila gave away premium gift items, free bottles of Patron, and was the main ingredient for the free bottomless margaritas that were served the whole night. And because Marco Polo Davao loves the Partyphile crowd, they even threw in a buffet spread of Fajitas, Tacos, Quesadillas, and other Mexican gustatory faves.

To make the party even more exciting, the controversial DJ Gary spewed out some of the most popular Latin/Salsa inspired Dance Music mish-mashed with the hottest of Commercial House.

Of course, no Confessions of a Partyphile party would be complete without drinking games. For Mayhem, there were two main games. The first one was pretty simple. The master mixologists made Patron Tequila bombs (four for each of the three female contestants) which the contestant had to consume. The first one who consumed all four shots won a bottle of gorgeous Patron X.O. This game was won by no other than former Vice-Presidential daughter Kat de Castro who gamely joined the contest as she enthusiastically dove in to her first Confessions of a Partyphile experience.

The second game, Black Out or Get Out, is slowly turning into stuff of legends. Remember, the last time we played this game, one of the contestants landed straight in the ICU of some hospital. He passed out at the 21st shot. This time however, we threw in extra prizes if the contestant beat the 21 shot record. I cant go into the details of the game but I’d like to say congratulations to Ron (surname withheld by request, because he’s cool that way) for winning Black Out or Get Out and setting a new record of 26 shots. I know, it’s crazy.

All in all, Mayhem was definitely an exciting event. Between the Cinco de Mayo vibe and the overflow of Patron; how can it not be? If you missed it, you will just have to keep on guessing. The good news is there’s another Confessions of a Partyphile event happening this June 2 at the poolside of Marco Polo Davao. Be there if you want to end your summer with a bang.