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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forge: The little place with a big bang!

Last thrusday, byu and i visited forge. you might want to check this place out. they serve really cheap beers (25 pero bottle) and the ambience is cute and homey. its a very tiny place, but the people who hang out there will make you feel welcome anytime.

this is the place for all you bohemians who just wanna chill and drink with your friends while enjoying hot music and maybe even playing some card games

you know that they have already let you in the forge family once they offer you a depth charge! woooohoooooo!

Plus, if you dont drink, they have a shop. they sell quirky shirts and bags and other stuff.

and, if you ar epenniless, the place makes for some real good photos, thanks to the wall murals the owners (gib and hyku) painted themselves.

This is me, obviously unprepared for the shot

b.yu..looking tall.haha..
Forge's quirky onwer: Gib

You just gots to love this sign
Hyku trying to pull of the nerdy look. She owns Forge as well. :D
Mix FM's traffic angel--Sol
Im bringin nerdy back

Nooooo! Don't LEave yet!

I need to thank SOny first.haha

Thank you sony cybershot for my new W290! I love it!

Test Photos

LAst Thursday we had a really great fun at Basti's Brew, drinking coffee and chatting and stuff. It was definitely one laid-back afternoon that started with coffee and ended with beer. Haha. More pictures soon!

On the same day i received my new w290! Its soooo gorgeous. I love that Ms Joey, my station manager (for 105.9 Mix FM), gave me the one in brown , because well, its a really nice color (plus its not too common).

Anyhoo, we tried the camera out for a while until we discovered that we copuld actually edit photos on the camera itself! Ain't that cool? Goodbye photoshop (since i never really learned how to use photoshop), hello instant retouching!

Here is a photo taken by my friend B.Yu. We tried editing and retouching it on my camera several times..It turned out great!

I therefore conclude, the W290 is the perfect buddy for all partyphiles out there! Since we all want easy-to-use cameras that have tons of great features.

Oh, and did i mention that it has 12.1 Megapixels?

AGain, thank you to Sony for my camera!

Photo s taken by Braeden Annz Yu with a Sony Cybershot W290