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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Puking vs. Passng Out

I asked: what is your most embarrassing story that involves puking or passing out from too much alcohol?

Carol: I was at Seawall with my friends and I wanted to vomit so bad, I hailed a peanut vendor, bought ten pesos worth of peanuts and paid him. Once he left I threw away all the peanuts and puked inside the small paper bag. Now, I realize I could have just puked anywhere in Seawall.

Claire: I passed out while partying and then I woke up the next Sunday morning and found out I was still inside the bar

Rica: I passed out in front of The Brewery and woke up the next day in the bed of my crush.

Nate: My neighbor woke up me one day while laughing hysterically. I was filled with dog hair and he explained that I slept in their garage while hugging their dog.

Josh: I was so drunk I puked inside a flower box only to find out that it was still under construction and men were still working on it as I was puking my heart out.

Albert: I was in Manila and I got excited because they didn't impose a liquor ban. I drank too much and ended up puking all through Ayala avenue. I was in my brother's car and I kept on asking him to stop because I had to puke. This was at 7 am on a Monday. And yes, people in buses, jeepneys, cabs, and private cars all kept staring at me in horror.

Partyphile Clues You In: Puking vs. Passing Out

Here is the deal, when most people get over-the-top drunk, they resort (involuntarily) to one of two things: puking or passing out. People always ask me about my opinion on these. Which is the better of two evils? I always say, i'd rather puke my gut out than pass out.

Here's the deal:

When you pass out you are obviously unaware of all the things that happen to you. First, you dont know whether your friends will leave you inside the bar or take you home. You dont know what strangers would do to you (because they can take advantage of you, or worse, take embarrassing photos of you and post it on Facebook), and you would not know for how long you'd stay unconscious.

When you vomit, you feel a lot better afterwards. You stay awake, and you embarrass yourself in public. However, when you puke, you can always choose where to do that. Hopefully, its inside the loo.

Drink of the Week: Pine-Lime Punch

Since we are celebrating Punch Day, I am giving out a recipe for one of the easiest punches in time. The Pine-Lime Punch is convenient, easy to make, and very delish. Here's how you make it.

In a punch bowl combine:

- a liter of pineapple juice
- a liter of lemon-lime soda
- a liter of lemonade
- 2 cups of vodka
- ice cubes

Stir all the ingredients together and add some green food coloring if you wish.

September 20 is Punch Day

I don't really know whether this actually refers to Punch (as in sticking your fist against someone's body) or Punch (as in the gorgeously alcoholic mixed drink you make during parties) but i'd like to think this was made to celebrate the alcoholic punch... just because its worth the festivity. So celebrate today with your favorite punch..and if you don't have one, I'll give you a recipe later on. :D Wait for it!