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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Youtube Channels to Subscribe To

Sometimes, it is less about the show and more about the channel. This is especially true when talking about Youtube channels to follow. With the internet now being the more popular entertainment platform it is no surprise that more and more people are skipping the boob tube and going straight to their laptops. However, with popularity comes clutter. Unlike in the world of television where only those that can afford to put up a station or show, anyone with an internet connection and camera can upload their own video online. Thus, the most popular video streaming site in the world, Youtube, is unsurprisingly filled with as much clutter as it is filled with videos people would actually want to watch.

Now, watching a video is one thing, while actually subscribing to a channel is a whole different ball game. For a person to subscribe to a Youtube channel it has to be: 1.) filled with great content. 2.) updated regularly, and 3.) be entertaining to the subscriber.

Unfortunately, actually finding channels that are worth your time in a site that is filled with gazillions of random videos may not be as easy as the three-step process above. Thankfully (for you), I have rounded up some of the most interesting Youtube channels that are worth subscribing to, or at the very least, checking out.

1.)    Youtube Channel: Househacker

The channel features videos of “life hacks” or simple tips that help solve everyday problems or inconveniences using common household items. The tips are usually contributed by other Youtubers and are dramatized by the people behind Househacker to show you exactly how to use the tips. These life hack videos are about two to three minutes long and are collections of ten-second tips that actually figure to be very handy. Some popular tips include how to make your own stylus, how to unclog a shower head, how to clean your windows with cola, and how to unseal an envelope.

2.)    Youtube Channel: StarKid Productions

StarKid Productions is a channel that is full of full length musicals divided into several Youtube videos. The channel rose to popularity with A Very Potter Musical, a pardody based on the JK Rowling novel, Harry Potter. The star of the online musical is Darren Chris, the half-Filipino star of hit television series, Glee. Chris also writes and composes the songs in A Very Potter Musical with his friend AJ Holmes. Aside from the Potter parody, the channel also features a musical parody of Batman entitled Holy Smoke, B@man, and a musical based on Sci-Fi flicks. The greatest strength of this channel lies in the fact that unlike most Youtube channels that feature a short segment or show, StarKid Productions actually features full-length musicals which sets them apart from billions of other channels on the site.

3.)    Youtube Channel: Fedde Le Grand TV

Fedde Le Grand is one of the top DJs in the world and is popular for hits like Diamonds In the Sky, Soundtracks and Comebacks, and Put Your Hands Up for Detroit. In his Youtube Channel, viewers get to be right there with him as he plays the grandest venues in the world, tours the world, creates magic in the studio, and even get to hear his latest singles first! Any partyphile would enjoy the site because of the gorgeous visuals, the gobsmackingly good house music, and the raw energy a really good party brings. Plus, it gives you new gems for your iPod play list.

4.)    Youtube Channel: Entertainment News Television (ENTV)

This Youtube Channel is kind of like the E! for Youtube. It is a collaboration between some of the most respected names in online entertainment news such as,,, and They give out the freshest and most up-to-date entertainment news that are categorized under different focuses including: Spoiler Alert (a play list dedicated to squealing some television series spoilers, Reality Check! (a play list dedicated to commentaries on reality-based talent shows, Breaking Entertainment News television (that gives all the latest global entertainment news), Movie News, TV News, Hollywood movie trailers, Gossip, and Celebrity News. They dish out information-packed videos in less than ten minutes to give any Hollywood-craving Youtube user their daily fix of everything showbiz.

5.)    Youtube Channel: Tipsy Bartender

The Tipsy Bartender is a Youtube channel that teaches viewers how to make cocktails. Unlike most bartending channels on Youtube, this one actually has some entertainment value in it. The videos on the channel are usually hosted by a very attractive girl who shares recipes of cocktails that give a nod to pop culture like cocktails named after the popular television show, Walking Dead. Tipsy Bartneder also shares videos on how to spike the most mundane ingredients like gummy bears or a 7-11 Slurpee to turn it into really good (and really potent) party fare. This one is the definite choice for the fun loving partyphile who wants to learn how to mix a cocktail or spike everything in sight.