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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Ask, Partyphile Answers: Should I Invite Someone to Someone Else's Party?

Jill: Hi Partyphile! Usually, I get invited to a party/event where I don't know anybody. Would it be alright if I bring a friend along?

Partyphile: Hey Jill! I know it gets very tempting to bring a friend with you to avoid uncomfortable social situations. However, most etiquette experts would tell you not to do that just because it messes up the host's day. It gives them another thing to worry about, another person to entertain, and another hitch to fix.

What I suggest you do is drop by the party, try to see if you have friends there, try to make new friends, or simply leave once you feel uncomfortable with the situation,

Of course, it is the host's duty to see to it that everyone is entertained and nobody feels out of place, but this can prove to be a gargantuan task for a huge celebration.

Partyphile Poll: Men Drinking Ladies Drinks--- HOT or NOT?

Here's a controversial topic in the partyphile world: is it alright for men to be seen drinking Ladies Drinks? Is it hot or not?

Deng Ongkingko: Not! I prefer seeing a man drinking Colt45. Strong beer for real men.

Marjorie Mendoza: Not! A ladies drink is called a "ladies" drink for a reason.

Karla Singson: It depends. I'd be intrigued though. Maybe it would make me go over and strike a conversation with him. For me, I'd be more interested in the man rather than the drink in his hand. And if he has the balls to drink a cosmo in a club, then, that's something!

Eric Michael Tan: Walang basagan ng trip! I love Lychee Martinis! It's really the attitude that matters regardless what the man drinks.

Doy Bijis: Drink what you want and stop worrying about what other people think about you. 

Koi Sevilla: Not! I want my man hunched over a beer or a shot of whiskey, brooding away as if the world is against him. And then after he takes the shot or consumes the bottle, he is ready to do battle, destroy his enemies, and then make love to me! Growl. Sexy!

Brian Reyes: Not! I'd rather be a ma drinking with the ladies than one who actually drinks ladies drinks.

Panjee Morales: Not! Mukatawa jud ug taman! (I'd laugh like crazy)

Ria Lumapas: Hot! What's with all the labels? Besides, just because you're a man doesn't mean you have to be all macho. If it tastes good, go for it!

JVince: Not! There would always be that notion that he's gay or not man enough. He ain't goin' home with anyone, that's for sure.

Jonah Taojo: Not! Even my gay friends don't like cocktails that much. We like it HARD!!! It's not sexy at all. It's going to make me think twice if he's straight or not.

Tip of the Day: Master a Cocktail

No matter how easy it is to buy pre-made cocktails, alcopops, or good old beer these, every Partyphile must master at least three cocktail recipes.

I'm not suggesting that you go all out or study bar tending extensively; I'm just saying that it is good to have at least three mastered cocktails in your pocket when the opportunity comes to impress your fellow partyphiles or when there is no bartender in sight.

It would be wise to master three cocktails with the same ingredients as well so that you could make more cocktails with a limited set of ingredients and impress everyone with your tending know-how.




Drink of the Week: Blue Martini

Our drink of the week comes in a cool blue hue but packs a definite punch! The Blue Martini is a simple cocktail that is best made with high-quality ingredients. But after a couple of swigs of this hard-packing cocktail, nobody would really mind if you switch it up with cheap liquor.

In a cocktail shaker with ice combine :

1 1/2 ounces of Vodka
1 1/2 ounces of Gin
1/2 ounces of blue curacao

Shake. Strain. Serve on a Martini glass with an orange twist. You may also serve the drink on the rocks in a rocks glass

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drink of the Week: Milkshakes!

According to an online survey, the drink that people most enjoy with their burger is the good old milkshake.

Since today is CHEESEBURGER DAY, Confessions of a Partyphile has decided to give you an easy-peasy Milkshake recipe that should work well with any flavor of ice cream

In a blender, combine:

  • two cups of ice cream
  • one cup of milk
Blend until smooth. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.

September 19 is Cheeseburger Day!!!

Today, September 19, is Cheeseburger Day!!!

Thus, you have every reason to spoil yourself with a fat, juicy, savory piece of meaty goodness!

And don't forget to send some this way. Enjoy your burger day!

Newsflash April 19, 2012

'Bwakaw'  Selected as Philippines Oscar Entry

Director Jun Robles Lana’s recent Toronto entry Bwakaw has been selected to represent the Philippines in the best foreign language film category at the 85th Academy Awards.
The Film Academy of the Philippines announced the selection of the drama-comedy, which stars 83-year-old Filipino action star and comedian Eddie Garcia as a gay man who came out of the closet at 70. The film is repped internationally by Fortissimo Films.

Photos, videos bigger in Twitter redesign

Twitter's rise as a global communications service came in short bursts of text-only messages. But a redesign of the company's website and mobile apps announced Tuesday could generate new revenue streams by placing greater emphasis on photos and videos.
In other words, a picture is now worth 140 characters.
CEO Dick Costolo appeared on NBC-TV's "Today" show to announce that the San Francisco company has completely overhauled its iPad app, tweaked its website and revamped its iPhone and Android apps to make visual elements like photos and videos more prominent.

Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj Join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on Idol's Judging Panel

On Sunday, September 16, the revamped American Idol judging panel made its official debut in New York. Country artist Keith Urban and pop/hip hop artist Nicki Minaj joined previously confirmed judges pop diva Mariah Carey and music producer Randy Jackson to begin the process of sending season 12's Idol hopefuls to Hollywood.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Qs with Gravefresh

These days, online sellers populate too many pages on social networking sites like Facebook and Multiply. Indeed, selling goods online has become one of the easiest options for newbie entrepreneurs as Overhead and Marketing costs are kept to a minimum. However, the online selling industry has become a marketplace that is even more congested and chaotic than a real-life market.

Online (selling) competition is cut-throat and several sellers sell the same products at virtually the same rate. To really stand out in a sea of generic online stores, one has to cater to an un-served niche market; and that is exactly what Ken Quiratman has done with his brainchild—one of the most popular Davao-based online stores—Gravefresh.

We got to interview the Owner/Founder/Creative Director, Mr. Quiratman, about the creation, the passion, and the inspiration behind the brand.

CP: First of all, where did you get the name?
KQ: Gravefresh is a combination of two of the fields I am interested in. Grave depicts the “Metal” side while Fresh depicts the “Reggae, Hip-hop, Urban” side.

CP: So, what is Gravefresh?
KQ: It is an all-original Davao-made supreme brand. It showcases what Davao has to offer and creates a distinct and unique approach by bringing international trends to our market. We aim to bring Davao to the international scene. Gravefresh focuses on different (underground) lifestyles such as skate, music, and tattoo. Basically, we showcase unique designs that other brands do not offer.

CP: Why did you decide to start Gravefresh?
KQ: I was into digital designing before I started Gravefresh. I joined some online contests and did some collaboration work. I was very inspired by international artists who also started their own brand. Also, when Cebu brands emerged like Product of Uranus and Nick Automatic I realized that it was also possible to do it here in the Philippines. I also really wanted to wear clothes that were unlike those that you’d see in malls. I used to find it difficult to look for clothes that I really liked so I decided to make my own designs.

CP: So who makes your designs and how do you come up with them?
KQ: I make most of the designs. We have one release that is a collaboration between I Am Ink Tattoo Studio and myself. Basically, I create designs based on my mood and current mindset. I draft them by hand and then see how they translate on clothes.

Two of Gravefresh's best sellers: Stay Levy and High Five

CP: Who is the typical Gravefresh man? Who is your target market?
KQ: We target enthusiasts of music, skate culture, hip-hop culture, and artists.

CP: Where are your orders usually from?
KQ: Usually we get orders from Manila and other parts of Luzon. We also get a lot here from Davao and some from Cebu.

CP: Is Gravefresh just a clothing brand or do you have any other products?
KQ: We sell clothes but is not our only focus. We are starting to organize events specifically for the purpose of supporting the local music scene. Soon, we will reveal and feature more fresh products.

CP: So how do these events work with your clothing line? Are these events mainly for promotions?
KQ: Yes, we promote our brand during the events but it is not just about promotions. It has become a way for Gravefresh to support the local scene. For us, it is not just about business, it’s more about the brotherhood.

CP: What differentiates Gravefresh from other online brands?
KQ: We sell all-original designs in limited quantities. We also organize events unlike most online sellers.

CP: Would you encourage other young people to follow your footsteps and open an online shop? 
KQ: Yes. If they decide to start an online shop they must be original and innovative. It would also be good if they supported the local scene and local products.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Questions Answered On the Air

  1. Duane: What’s the best way for me to invite my crush out on a Saturday night if we don’t have common friends?

  1. Rina: I’m planning to throw a simple party in our garage. Would you suggest that I stick to a theme? If so, what is the most budget friendly theme?

  1. Jan: I know it’s a bit out of topic but I’m confused as to how may bridesmaids I should have for my wedding.

  1. Diane: I’m not really a fan of beer but I don’t know what else to order in the bar. Got any suggestions?

  1. Mike: When I’m trying to pick up chicks in a bar, would it be better to be partying with other girls or a group of guys?

  1. Carl: How do I get a girl’s attention inside a club?

  1. Charlene: What’s the best tasting liquor in town? Yung affordable ha

  1. Michelle: I’m the only one who is still single in our group and we usually party together on Saturdays. Recently, my friends have been inviting single guys to party with us in a sort of a “blind date”. What do I do if I don’t like the guy and I’m stuck with him the whole night?

  1. Lisa: I live in a apartment and the limited space becomes somewhat of a problem sometimes. I have enough chairs, but not everyone gets the luxury of eating on a table. I know everyone is alright with holding a plate on their lap, but is there a better solution for this?

  1. JoMar: Recently, there has been some news about two guys who gate-crashed a party and ended up stealing some stuff in the party host’s home. How do you enjoy a party without compromising your safety?

  1. Joel: My Manila friends usually pay with cards. Do you think it’s alright to do this especially in Davao?

  1. Marjorie: Should I bring a gift every time I get invited to a party? Etiquette books say so but I don’t think it is expected here in the Philippines.

  1. Adrienne: When throwing house parties, how do I tell guests that it is time for them to go?

  1. Marie: I’m organizing my little sister’s debut. Should we pre-assign seats for her guests or would it be easier if they were to pick out their seats?

  1. Edmund: The last time we threw a party at home, we realized that we didn’t have enough seating. What should we do to compensate the next time?

  1. Lalaine: My birthday is coming up and I want to keep the guest list to a minimum. I’m planning on inviting just my close friends from college and maybe one or two people from work. Would it be alright to invite them in one celebration or would it be better to throw separate celebrations for two groups?