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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Potluck Parties

Koi Sevilla: Jelly Shots

Claude Dee: Pesto Pasta

Alvin Lagarto: Sushi

Chingbee Munoz: Shepherd's Pie

Charlene Suelto: Carbonara

Partyphile Clues You In: Potluck Parties

A potluck party is a type of celebration wherein individuals bring food or drinks for everyone at the party to share. Now, the problem is a lot of people do not bother to cook for potluck parties and end up buying food at the last minute. Thus, the most convenient options are usually the things we see on a potluck spread.

Too many people bring donuts, cakes, and lechon manok to potluck parties and it's getting kind of tired. Oh, and just so you know, everybody is getting tired of your secret Spaghetti recipe. Go for variety next time and choose a food item that you think nobody else will bring.


Zhaun Ortega
Your Ultimate Partyphile

Drink of the Week: Citrus-Cucumber Coolers

This particular recipe is cool and refreshing and is easy to make even during potluck parties. The ingredients are easy to lug around if you plan to make it in someone else's home but i suggest that you make it at home and then transfer it to spill proof containers. Then transfer them to the punch bowl when you get to the potluck party

In a punch bowl combine:

  • 2 liters of Lemonade
  • 1 liter of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale
  • 1 bunch of mint leaves torn diagonally
  • juice of 1 cucumber
  • one cucumber, sliced
  • ice cubes

Partyphile Celebrates: International Potluck Day

It's International Potluck Day! So call your friends, ask them to bring some food and some alcohol for dinner tonight at your place and have an instant potluck party.