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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is...

Came across abby's blog and i read a post that describes happines

so here is happiness as i define it.

happiness is:

1. a stress-free, drama-free, no-holds-barred gimmick night
2. a perfectly delivered punchline
3. the opening lines of the songs "sandcastle disco" and "train on a track"
4. indulging in some sundae-dipped fries and a big mac
5. iced gem biscuits
6. hanging out with friends
7. receiving unexpected money from whoever
8. singing in the shower
9. texting all day in bed
10. waking up early and discovering that classes were ud get back to sleep
11. a sweet, heartfelt text message
12. somebody doing you a favor unexpectedly
13. your crush remembering something random and doing something about it
14. a warm plate of lasagna
15. just chilling at home...while listening to the sound of raindrops
16. an over night trip to the beach, with only your hassle
17. smoking after a huge meal
18. dunhill frost..i loooove mentholated cigarettes

Thursday, February 26, 2009

disclaimer my ass!!!

hmm..ive been reading my friend jobo's blog and i realized something when i came across his disclaimer...

he was saying that he might be writing something readers should read at their own risk...and then i realized, i write much like the way i party: carelessly crazy.

i write about everything, anything and whatever i think of.i talk about sex, drugs and alcohol, and i dont know if thats really good or if it makes for some good entertainment...but that is just how i write stuff

and i dont care who i offend because..i dont know...i just dont fucking care

o here's my disclaimer:

if you have read my blog and disagreed with anything, or felt offendedby anything i have ever written, or will ever write...well...fuck you! suck it up and stop reading

if your shallow mind can't even take a single person's shouldn't even be surfing the web...go hide under your mommy's panties and stay there..for good...


idding..jst chill for read blogs for inspiration...SO....NOT....COOL....

by the's jobos blog:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

great photoshoot!

thank you sir paul borromeo for the great pictures!

had fun!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Non-Valentine Valentines Party

Love is still all around you. You still hear love birds chirping along the city streets; the sight of lovers’ holding hands still makes you want to strangle yourself; and sparkling glittery hearts are still scattered all over the metro. Valentines should have ended by now, but like any other season in the Phillies, it is extended until the next big occasion (which, in this case is the March Graduation ceremonies).

So you lay in bed at night, wallowing in self pity, picking every single part of you that you begin to dislike, when the only thing you truly resent is the fact that the cosmos is still reminding you that you are loveless this season.

However, you do not need to put yourself through all these. All you need is a party to ward off those Valentine-blues! So go ahead, gather your closest single friends, and have a Valentine-themed, farewell party for the season you hate most: Valentines.

Cocktails: It isn’t a party unless you have cocktails. Serve up some festive cocktails like Red Margaritas and Pink Cosmopolitans. If you want something simple, sweet and fast: grab a glass, fill it with ice, add a jigger or two of vodka, some Grenadine syrup and fill it to the top with Lemon-Lime flavored soda or soda water. This Pink bubbly drink will be the star of the party.

Red Dots: Want to make your drinks a little more festive? Put some red gum drops or candies in an ice tray, fill it with water and freeze. Use these to top your favorite drinks to give them a little more Valentine appeal.

Food: Don’t stress yourself. Ask your friends to bring a dish or two with them. You will take care of the desserts and canap├ęs and appetizers. Find a cute skewer and string pieces of chocolate and cherries thru them. Buy some Strawberry cake from your local bakeshop; slice them to about an inch thick, and cut them out into heart shapes with cookie-cutters. Put a dollop of cream on some sweet crackers and top it off with strawberry jam, or a piece of red chocolate.

Ambience: Wrap your light bulbs with red plastic or cover your lamps with red fabric to give your place a more sensual and romantic atmosphere. Hang five to seven red Christmas balls with cascading heights in every corner of your home for a festive but chic look. If you are feeling extra-luxurious, you could scatter some red rose petals on the floor, or on pink table cloths. But please do not fill your house with little sparkling hearts. You do not want to make your home look like a tacky mall display-window, now, would you?

Music: If you want to be senti this season, go on and play tear-jerkers like Brandy’s Long Distance, Mikaila’s Art of Letting Go, 3 Doors Down’s Here Without You and Brian McKnight’s One Last Cry. If you are looking for something more up-tempo, play Mariah Carey’s Bye Bye or Don’t Forget about Us, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, Mary J. Blige’s Be Without You or Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

You are now officially ready to throw a chic Non-Valentine, Valentine’s party! So celebrate with all your single friends, and get all the Reds, Pinks, and Hearts you could take on that day; because right after that, you will finally be ready to say good bye to the Valentine season and all the depression it brings along with it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

college conversations

It is a cold Saturday night and I am in some fast food, sharing nostalgic chit-chats with three of my friends. Somehow, the scene reminded me of Sex and the City: four single people, sharing problems and updates over food. But this is not Sex and the City. We were in the middle of Davao, not New York. We were munching on Sundae-dipped fries, not coffee and bagels. And our lives paled in comparison with the exciting lives of the Carries and Samanthas of the world. We were nothing like the four chicks from Sex and the City: we had so much to prove and we did not know what to do with our lives. But the friendship between those four sassy women reminded me of the friendship I shared with the two guys and the girl I am with tonight.

And it made me realize, the women of Sex and the City were really good at what they did. They were climbing the corporate ladder; they were set for life. All they needed to complete their lives were significant others; and I wished that this was the case with my clique.

Unfortunately, we have yet to decide what to do with our lives, especially in the professional area; and there was nowhere to turn to. We had nothing to cling on to; there were no television shows to help us decide what to do after graduation. No one told us the steps to take after we were set out in the world to start fending for ourselves. We knew nothing about the real world. School helped us realize things about it; but there was nothing that could ever prepare us to realize what and how it really was.

This time last year, my friends and I were also huddled close together over some sundae-dipped fries. We were making a project we needed to accomplish before the graduation ceremonies. We never really quite understood what we were making, but the fact that our teacher gave us some time to work together was enough to motivate us to meet regularly. We knew that a couple of weeks later, we would be separated by the graduation ceremony and we might not be able to see each other as often as we wanted.

Yet, here we are, a year after graduating college, still sharing senseless conversations over some cheap fast food. And even if we still don’t know what we are doing with our lives, at least we have realized that friendship does not fade after graduation; although it now takes a lot more effort to keep the flames of friendship burning.

So now I know why College is such a big hit: it gives us an opportunity to meet friends who will accompany us in the journey to realizing what we truly want to do with our lives. It made it possible to meet people who were going through pretty much the same thing that we did. More importantly, it gave us an opportunity to find the people who were willing to play the parts of Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie in the stories of our sad, confused lives; and be there for us no matter what.

To all the Graduates of 2009: Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the time you have left with your College friends, and realize (sooner than I did, hopefully) that life isn’t one big party… but it sure does feel like it when you are with great friends, sharing nostalgic chit-chats over some sundae-dipped fries.

Confession #34:

I used to always complain about how boring our lectures were. Now I realize, maybe our lectures were never really that boring; somehow I just knew that the person in the desk across mine could provide a more exciting conversation than the one-sided talk my teacher was making; I never hesitated to stop listening to an important lecture just to start a conversation with my seat mate. And that is what I really miss most about college: talking about nothing and thinking the world of it; feeling alright with making mistakes; not having to calculate each and every decision we made; and being content with living for the day. And that realization, I am sure, would make, even the cynical, Miranda proud.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where My Party People At?

Partyphile Anxiety: a condition brought about by the sudden lack of good places to party, which leaves partyphiles tense, restless, and in dire need of some hardcore partying.

I am sure most Dabawneyo partyphiles have been suffering from partyphile anxiety lately. Somehow, the bars we used to frequent are now filled with wannabes and high school students; which isn’t really the crowd of choice for ultimate partyphiles.

The cool crowd now flocks to places where they can chillax over some frozen beer instead of spending money in clubs \that offer cocktail concoctions and great house music. This isn’t really bad, but it just leaves the really good bars with a lot less “spenders” and are instead filled with kids who aren’t even of legal age to drink. There has also been a sudden decrease (or maybe even a complete disappearance) of really good events thrown by the hottest clubs in town.

So we, the partyphile crowd, look for other places and ways to have fun. Now, we see house parties gaining popularity again. I used to think this was reserved for the high school crowd; and that was actually the case when I was still in high school, not too long ago. But now that the tables have been turned and little kids now frequent the hottest bars; we are left with no choice but to go back to our old ways of gathering the barkada and mixing up our own cocktails. Somehow, the party scene is becoming less about where you go, and more about who you are with: a futile attempt for partyphiles to keep the party flame burning.

The Davao party scene used to be a lot more exciting. There used to be a lot more party options for the gimikero. There used to be better bars; hotter events; more exclusive parties. We did not have to share the dance floor with people of the (excuse the term) jologs crowd. We used to be in our element when we were in bars; now, we seem more and more out-of-place in the sea of kids, emos, and wannabes.

And it used to be easier to classify if the crowd was of the ultimate partyphile race (those who love to drink, dance and socialize); the partyphile wannabes (those who love to drink, dance, and try to climb the social ladder), or the non-partyphiles (those who love to drink, sit and indulge in senseless conversation). Now, it seems like everyone drinks for the sole purpose of getting wasted; Davao has become one of the most intoxicated societies in the Philippines. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. A lot more restos and “grills” have been popping up, posing to serve good food, when all they really sell are cases upon cases of cheap frozen beer.

Davao has ceased to become exciting for the partyphile race. It has, however, become a haven for everyone and anyone who would want to get wasted, puke in public and try to look for cheap thrills.

So, what can a poor, frustrated partyphile do to solve this problem?

Sadly, I do not know. But I have been contemplating on (gasp!) quitting the party scene completely; a really big and scary step for someone who has found solace in hardcore partying. But until I am ready to give my party mojo up, I will continue praying that some inspired entrepreneur would finally open a bar in the metro and breathe new life into the waning Davao party scene.

So to all the anxious, lonely, out-of-place partyphiles out there, let’s keep our hopes up and wish that the Party Gods would send us a new hotspot in the coming months… or else, the partyphile race might be completely extinct.