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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Partyphile Secrets to Party Success

10.) Always have a designated driver who will not only skip drinking so you can, but will also take you home, pick you up, and bring you from bar to bar without complaints.

9.) Drink hard liquor on the rocks if you are short on cash. Take a few sips every so often to make it look like you always have a drink in hand.

8.) Act like VIP. Instead of asking for things, demand for them. People will actually believe that you are someone important.

7.) Never pay the door charge. Befriend the bouncer or simply act like you are excused to pay. I have a friend who acts like she is offended whenever the bouncer asks for her to pay for the entrance fee and then walks past him.

6.) It does not matter if you arrive at the party early or fashionably late as long as it officially begins when you step in the door. be the life of the party.

5.) Befriend everyone in your favorite bar and expect to get free drinks each night.

4.) Never drink beer. Having a unique cocktail in hand will make you look a little bit more interesting than the rest of the crowd, plus you get to expand your beverage vocab.

3.) If you do not know how to dance do not get up from your seat. Stay seated and bob your head. If you can't find a seat walk from the dance floor to the bar and then to the DJs booth and back again. Whatever you do, just make sure that you never stand still.

2.) Use your charms. Keep your crowd entertained, flirt with the DJ, smile at the bartender, and befriend the waiter to get ahead in the party scene. You will be surprised how this could change your whole partying experience. People give you better service, and the DJ might even play your favorite song for free.

1.) throw the hottest house parties. this i8s the surefire way to cement yourself as a successful partyphile. After a successful party, everyone will want to party with you.