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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Singletons, Self Love and Public Temptation No. 1

In this day and age when the levels of relationships are getting more and more complicated, the cost of actual dating is sky-rocketing, and hopeless romantics are almost of the extinct race; love and dating is one of the more stressful things in life.

And although we, the members of the band of singletons, know how much stress and trouble love may bring us, the truth remains that, like and addictive little pill, we always want more and more of the highs and lows that only love can bring. And we still feel the crunch when Valentines creeps into our realities, after a dose of un-reality brought by the Holiday season. Yup, somehow, after all these years, Valentines never fails to put a damper, on an otherwise stress-free month of February.

It is already bad enough that we click the box that says “Single” when asked about our dating status when creating an online profile (think: Friendster and Facebook), but to be faced with the reality that you are actually single, beyond the confines of cyberspace, for a whole month nonetheless… that is just too much a for a single partyphile to handle.

And even though I could always suggest a couple of things you could do to get your mind off the fact that you are dateless this Valentines, the truth is, my dear partyphile, you will never get to relax this season until you understand the truths about love.

People often forget that Valentine’s Day is about love; all modes and forms of it. And unless you love yourself enough to realize that being in love with you is all the love you need (cliché as it may sound), you will never accept the fact that Valentines was never meant to be reserved exclusively for the romantic kind of love.

And when that fateful day arrives that you are mature enough to realize the truths about self-love, you may party like you have never partied before! Let your hair down and dance like no one is looking; treat yourself to that expensive shot of liquor; wear your favorite, outrageous outfit; and party like a rock star…not because you want get things off your mind, not because you want to hook up with someone this Valentines, not even because you want to seem like you do not care that you are single on the Day of Love, but because you are mature enough to celebrate the love you have for yourself!

And that, in a sense, is the true meaning of being a partyphile: doing what you want and loving yourself for finding the courage to do so.

This Valentines, stop the whining and crying over being dateless in Partylandia. Grab your friends, click glasses, pour some bubbly and party like there was no tomorrow! Who cares if you’re single? You are all the lover you need!

Confession # 28:

No matter how much you grasp the idea that you don’t have to be in a relationship to fully enjoy Valentines Day; there will always be that one second off those 24 hours of February 14 when you will step back and wallow in self-pity for being dateless. And when that happens, shrug it off and remind yourself that the only reason why you are single is because you want to extend your reign as… Public Temptation No. 1.


Wee said...

Yeah, Valentine's Day wasn't only meant to be celebrated by lovers. It's for everyone to enjoy.

Sabi nga ng kanta,

"Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all."

Wee said...

Yeah, Valentine's Day wasn't only meant to be celebrated by lovers. It's for everyone to enjoy.

Sabi nga ng kanta,

"Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all."

Jacklyn Ruiz said...

GREAT article!

Beejing said...

Woot! It doesn't mean if you're single you no longer have the right to celebrate V Day... Great blog!

Gino J said...

i couldn't agree any less. rock on.

essa said...

Wah i sure love your blog zhaun. :)
Self-love is important. :)

Aissa said...

Thumbs up! I love this zhaun! No longer afraid of being dateless this Valentine's day!:))