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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things You Should Do Before School Starts

5.) Try out a new extreme sport and master it. Having this much free time during the Summer vacation will allow you to perform and practice your extreme sport of choice more often; thus, giving you more time to master it.

4.) Go on a road trip across Mindanao. Going on a road trip with your friends is a wonderful experience all to itself. It allows you to bond without actually doing anything but just sitting for the whole trip. Of course, the destination also counts. Look for fun, new and exciting summer destinations. Suggestions: Maragusan, Dapitan, or Siargao

3.) Throw a house party. It is better to throw a house party during the summer vacation because people are not as busy as when school starts. If you appreciate a perfect attendance; do this before classes start.

2.) Find a summer fling. There are two ways this could go. First, you can find a summer ling which turns into a full-blown relationship or extends until classes start and use this as inspiration. Or, it could end before classes start, so you could focus on your studies. Either way, remember that flings are for fun, not for emotional attachment.

1.) Get totally wasted. Get it out of your system and make sure that you get totally wasted that you would not want to drink or get drunk again. This will help you focus in school.

Drink of the Week: Mind Eraser

Since we are celebrating Coin Flip Day today, I suggest that you play a little round of heads or tails. If you pick heads, you are drinking some simple, traditional, beer tonight. If you pick tails, then you must create your own cocktail and get drunk on it. for this purpose, i have decided to give out a recipe for the Mind Eraser Cocktail. Here is how you make it:

  • grab an old-fashioned glass and fill it with ice
  • pour one shot of vodka
  • pour one shot of kahlua
  • fill to the brim with soda water
Serve it with a straw and finish the drink in one sip.

June 1 is Coin Flip Day

Today is Coin Flip Day. To celebrate this quirky holiday, make sure to use the traditional coin-flip method for every single decision you have to make today.