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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picking Up, Getting Laid, and Giving Chances: romance in the Party Scene

Here is the deal. We all know that a certain number of men go to bars to pick up chicks. Some do this to get laid, while some do this to find a serious relationship. Although most people would argue that the former is easier to come around to when searching for “love” in a club; I argue that this is not always the case. Contrary to popular belief, the club is filled with normal people. That is to say that the party scene is not filled with sex-crazed people who just party all night. Take me for example. I live a pretty normal life, I do not sleep around, I maintain a positive reputation, and I still want to find myself in a relationship. Do these things change because I enjoy partying? I say “no”. And although most people would still argue with this, the truth is that people will never be as simple as the stereotypes society so convincingly puts on them. People will always have complex personalities; something that may not be evident while in the party setting, but something that is nonetheless true. Where am I taking this? I am taking this to the point where you realize something. Here it is: whether a guy is one of the best pick up artists in town, or one of the geekiest virgins around the area; the possibility that there is so much more to his personality than just simply what you see is very high. Thus, it would be very uncool for you to judge a person for doing what he does. So what if he goes to the club to get laid or is the perfect pick up artist? This still involves skill and a certain confidence. Maybe you should start seeing the positive in people and actually give them a chance? Just saying.