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Friday, August 28, 2009

Reaching Partyphile Niorvana

The art of partying is hard to master, it takes experience and know-how, one can only attain through years and years of partying. One must understand that partying isn’t just another social activity. Sometimes it creates an image for you; it can make or break a business opportunity, and sometimes, it might even start a relationship. So do not take partying lightly, especially if you plan to be one of Davao’s young, hot partyphiles. Follow these tips and reach partyphile nirvana in no time:

Dress to Impress- Never step into a bar looking like you just rolled out of bed. First impressions, unfortunately, last. So you would want to step into the scene looking hot, but still respectable. Don’t let everything hang out; you are a Partyphile, not a stripper. You do not have to show your internal organs when out partying; just don something with a statement, and attract all the POSITIVE attention you need.

Beauty isn’t In the Eye of the Beer Holder- Please stop drinking beer too much. It isn’t an attractive drink. I understand you are scared to spend your money on a cocktail you are unsure of (the taste), but trust me, there are a lot of really good ones out there. Some aren’t even that expensive. Drinking beer just makes you blend in the crowd; and the point is to stand out. Start with something simple, like a rum-coke or a vodka-7, and then work your way to more exciting cocktails and mixes. Here’s a clue, if I can’t print the name of the drink on this paper (because it sounds really naughty), then it probably tastes great. Trust me on this one.

Hey Big Spender- Contrary to popular belief, partyphiles should not spend too much. Never blow your week’s allowance on one exciting Saturnight. You should know how to manage your finances, know where and when to spend it. Use your charms and party know-how to get free drinks, without making the person (sponsor) feel short-handed. However, if you do not have money, DO NOT GO OUT, young partyphile. It is as simple as that. Social climbing is not cool, and borrowing money just to party isn’t either.

Careless Whisper- Do not care too much what others think. Nothing is more attractive than somebody who knows how to let his/her hair down and just party! So dance all you want, drink all you want, scream all you want, and party like there was no tomorrow. Never feel the need to explain yourself (and your actions) to anyone. The only person worth explaining to is yourself.

Just Dance- Trust me, it’s gonna be ok. Don’t be afraid if you have two left feet, just let loose and start moving those hips. Dancing inside a bar makes you look like you are unafraid, and confident. It tells the world that you know how to have fun and are comfortable with your body. So the next time you go out to party, don’t just sit and bob your head. Get on your feet and dance!

Stand Up and Out- Do not act like a wallflower. Be pro-active. Get on your feet, mingle with people, and make new friends. Dance on top of your table, or the bar. Get by the DJs side, and dance with him. Do something that would make you stand out, and make the crowd take notice. Just remember, that you would want to be remembered in a positive light.

Never Hug the Throne- Never ever vomit in public. It is super un-cool to vomit where people could see, especially inside clubs, where people are dancing. If you can’t take it, hold it in, run to the bathroom and puke there. Once you start feeling like you want to shower the world with your dinner, tell a friend and suck on some hard candy. However, I still believe that the secret is not drinking too much.

Stop it- Know when to stop drinking. Drunks have been known to do some outrageously crazy stuff. Getting drunk in public will not help your image in any way, and will give you a negative reputation. Alcohol is supposed to work as social lubrication. You shouldn’t drink too much that you start making a fool out of yourself, or start throwing up. Once you feel like you have had enough, rest for a while and stop drinking alcohol, instead gulp on some water. If you still feel drunk, head home. It is that simple. It is better to throw up on the road rather than inside a bar.

Bring the Gang- Never come to a bar alone. It makes you look side, and dirty. I don’t think I need to explain this anymore, its just sad.

Be Yourself- Be yourself and let loose, partying is a venue to meet new people and to enjoy yourself. Don’t be too stuck up on your image, sometimes, nobody cares about you, and you have to be ok with that. The most important thing to remember is: you should know how to share the spot light. You are not a star… at least, not yet.

Follow these tips and you will surely get to partyphile nirvana; a state where everything is free and possible. Make the most out of partying, know how to play your cards right, and you will soon be getting all that you want.

Confession: One must always remember to act like one’s self. Sometimes, it is easy to forget who we really are, especially when in a new crowd, or dancing in a new bar. Sometimes we clam up; sometimes we just let our hair down.

However, unless you start acting like the real you, you will never feel how it truly is to party. Partying is a state of mind…it is one where you do not have to actually use your mind. You just be yourself, and start feeling the party building up inside you. So don’t be afraid, just listen to yourself, and party the way you want to.

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