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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Heart Beer : Advantages of Beer

Because a lot of people have been giving me some positive reactions about last week’s article (the one about the top alcohol myths) I decided to give you some new facts about everyone’s favorite golden ale: beer. It is comforting to know that people now want to know more about what they are drinking and what they are putting inside their bodies. It used to be, we didn’t care what we drank as long as we got drunk. Anyway, here are the top ten things I like about beer.

10.) Beer is chock full of fiber. In fact a liter of beer contains about 60% of your daily recommended fiber intake; and everybody knows you can drink more than just a liter of beer. Right partyphile? Wondering where all that fiber comes from? Well, it actually comes from the cell walls of malted barley, one of the most important beer ingredients. So how does this help you? It may help reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease, plus it regulates your bowel movements. So that’s why it is always easy to release your bowels after a night of boozing.

9.) Beer reduces stress: Actually, alcohol in general has been found to reduce stress. This just might be one of the best benefits of drinking beer. Plus, it gives you a really good excuse to drink up! So, when your mommy or wife insists that beer should not be part of your daily expenditures, just explain to them that it is your version of a massage. However, you must remember to take in some beer in moderation.

8.) Beer Promotes Bone Strength. Beer actually contains some dietary silicon. Dietary silicon is known to promote strong bones and improves bone mineral density. However, not all beers have the same amount of silicon. It has been found that beers with higher levels of malted barley and hops have higher amounts of dietary silicon. So, as usual, check the label. And if you are looking for the beer with the highest amount of dietary silicon, you may check out Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck, which has four times as much hops and barley than normal beer. Of course, it would cost you around 2,600 pesos, but hey, if it helps your bones, it might be worth it!

7.) It is available everywhere. Let’s face it; no party is complete without a little alcohol. The good news is, beer is one of those chosen few that is available everywhere and is relatively affordable. You can find it in bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, inns, sari sari stores, convenience stores, pubs, clubs, and so much more. It seems like almost everywhere in the Philippines beer is present; and that is always a good thing.

6.) Beer cures insomnia. Or at the very least, can make one sleepy. Beer naturally has nicotinic acid and lactoflavin that promote sleep. Plus, one of beer’s common ingredients is hops which is a natural sedative.

5.) It tastes really good. Especially when it is super icy cold. ‘Nuff said.

4. Beer is full of vitamins. Beer is actually a very good source of several vitamins. It contains Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Biotin, Folate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 to help keep you strong and healthy so you could party all night long

3.) It gets you drunk. Obviously, we partyphiles drink beer to get some sorta buzz. Beer is a safe and convenient way to do that. Quite honestly, I remember how it feels to not know what cocktails contain. It can get quite intimidating, and it is easy to feel unsure about spending your money on a cocktail you might not enjoy. And since your favorite brand of beer always tastes the same, and it gets you drunk, beer is always one of the best options. However, I seriously suggest you expand your alcohol vocabulary.

2.) The upward motion of the bubbles gets really entertaining. I don’t know about you, but when I am really drunk, I stare at the bubbles in my beer; I swear, it is quite entertaining. Another effect of too much beer? Writing stupid articles, like this one.

1.) Beer is good for the heart. Beer has been found to reduce a person’s chance to experience heart failure. It has also been found to significantly increase the amount of good cholesterol in a person’s body, thus reducing the tendency of a person’s blood to clot. And because of this, it prevents strokes and keeps the brain young!

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june 30 is Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 30 is Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Gather all your chocoholic friends and make some choco-based alcoholic cocktails today!

Reasons Why Beer is Better Than A Human Partner

6 Women Say: Beer doesn’t fart

Men Say: Beer doesn’t complain about farting

5 W: beer doesn’t buy you dinner just to get in your pants

M: You don’t have to wine and dine beer

4 W: Beer is a loyal partner

M: A beer doesn’t get jealous when you grab another beer

3 W: beer doesn’t snore

M: Beer is always wet

2 W: You can enjoy beer when you are on your period

You don’t have to wash a beer before it tastes good

1 W: beer does not come with in-laws

M: Beer does not come with in-laws

Drink of the Week: Choco Chip Margarita

1 Shot White Rhum and 1 Shot Creme de Cacao or 2 Shots of Bailey's Cream
4 Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream

Bled them all in a martini glass and serve with a dusting of cocoa powder

Happy Birthday June 30

Michael Phelps (24) Won 8 Gold Medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics
Fantasia Barrino (25) American Idol Season 3 Winner
Ralf Schumacher (34) Formula One racer. Brother of Micheal Schumacher
Mike Tyson (43) Professional Boxer, Convicted of Rape, Bit Evander Holyfield's Ear

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top Ten Alcohol Myths

Alcohol is one of the most important elements of a party. A party without alcohol is like a cheeseburger without cheese; it just does not make sense. It has gone by many names. People call it a social lubricant, the devil’s drink, a person’s poison of choice; I just call it my best friend.

And because everything is better with alcohol, here are some alcohol related myths that I’m sure you’d find interesting.

10 Coffee helps drunken people get sober – Only time can make a person get sober. It does not matter how much coffee you drink, how many cold showers you take, how much exercise you get, the only way a person can get sober is by waiting. For how long? Well, it depends on how much alcohol you have actually consumed. Alcohol leaves the body at a rate of .015 percent of blood alcohol content for every hour. If you consume five times that amount, then you have to wait for five hours to get sober. Do I know how much alcohol makes up .015 percent of your blood? No. This is why I am a partyphile, and not a doctor. If you know how much .015 blood alcohol content translates to in beer bottles or tequila shots, then you must be brainy enough to know that coffee does not solve anything…aside from a cause of drowsy.

9 Beer gets you in the mood to party – Contrary to popular belief, beer is not a good option for partying because too much of it can make a person feel drowsy. This is because beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid that promote sleep. It also contains hops that have been found to be a natural sedative. This is why, I always tell you to go for some cool cocktail. Even something as basic as a Rum-Coke would keep you ready to party (because of the caffeine). If dancing is what you plan to do with your Saturnights, skip the beer.

8 Bottled Tequila contain worms- I am sure you have heard all those stories about how some Tequila bottles contain worms. But according to my study, most Tequila bottles do not contain worms. Mescal is actually the alcoholic beverage that contains worms. And, to bust another myth, they aren’t really worms; they are butterfly caterpillars or guranos. So there. Tequila bottles do not have worms; such a thing does not exist. Start talking about Mescal with butterfly caterpillars in case the topic comes up; it will make you seem like you know so much about alcohol and that is always a good thing.

7 Men and women of the same height and weight can take the same amount of alcohol - Women always consume less alcohol because they have more fat that allows alcohol to concentrate more easily in their bodies. Women also have less amounts of dehydrogenase in their bodies, an enzyme that breaks alcohol down.

6 Beer has low alcohol counts – The highest alcohol count for a commercial beer is 41% which is a little over the alcohol content in most Tequila and Vodka brands. This beer is produced by Brewdog and is named “Sink the Bismarck” which could only be purchased online. A 330 ml bottle costs roughly Php 2, 600. With a price tag like that, I would rather go for some Tequila and save myself from all the hassle of ordering online.

5 People who don’t drink are alcohol free – Actually, our bodies produce a small amount of alcohol twenty four hours a day, seven days a week from time we are born until the day we die. So nobody is truly free of alcohol; they just don’t know it.

4 A beer belly is caused by beer – It is caused by eating too much not drinking too much. No amount of beer, or any other type of alcohol, is necessary to achieve a beer belly.

3 Alcohol destroys brain cells – When taken in moderation alcohol helps in mental or cognitive functioning. It does not destroy the brain cells; however, it affects a person’s response time and motor skills.

2 Alcohol causes weight gain – this is a very common misconception. However, extensive research has proven that it does not cause weight gain in males and even helps females lose a small amount of weight.

1 Alcohol pills are just a joke on FB – I’m sure everyone has seen those photos on Facebook about red Horse capsules. It may look cute and funny, but it might just come true in the near future. Russian scientist Evgeny Moskalev has actually found a way to turn ANY type of liquid into powder form. The scientist might have had too much fun with the experimentation, or he just happened to have a hot bangin’ party in his lab one day, but he somehow managed to think of turning vodka into powder. The experiment was successful and has been tried on other types of alcohol. The powderized alcohol may be placed inside pills to be taken orally or may be snorted for a more potent hit.

June 23 is World Columnist Day!

World Columnist Day!

Celebrate the importance of newspaper columnists around the world. Especially me! If you are from Davao, Philippines check out my newspaper column in Edge Davao: The Business Paper. I swear, it's all about partying.

Drink of the Week: Ice Pick

In a shaker filled with ice mix:

1 part Iced Tea

1 part Vodka

Lemon Juice to taste
Shake. Pour.

Happy Birthday!

Jason Mraz (32)

Selma Blair (37)

Happy Birthday! send me some party invites! woohooo! I love you selma. haha

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Long and Winding Gen San Road

“The long and winding road… that leads to your door…”

My friends and I were singing along this Beatles classic as we were literally on a journey along a long and winding road that would bring us, as we would later discover, to the doors of a secret garden, a crunch-lover’s safe haven, a party innovator’s sanctuary, and the fruit of a champion’s labor. We were on a road trip to General Santos City.

Off To a Secret Garden

A road trip to Gen San would take three hours, we heard. So, by two in the afternoon, our bags were packed, our tummies were filled, our CD players were blasting and we were ready to leave Davao City. We wanted to reach Gen San before sunset as we heard that there was one special place to witness Mr. Sun disappear into Saranggani Bay: Saranggani Highlands.

Located approximately twenty minutes away from down town Gen San, Saranggani Hghlands was our first stop. We deemed it was only right to kick off our night time road trip with a gorgeous view of the sunset; signaling the beginning of another crazy evening with friends. However, we could not pass up the opportunity for a smorgasbord of fresh foodie finds.

The Saranggani Highlands menu read like a culinary passport to all of the most exotic places in Asia. They served us some fresh Mango and Pomelo Salad with sautéed Shrimps; a delectable start to our feast. We then had some fried prawns that had a dusting of sesame seeds and tasted like a bite into a Chinese spice rack. The Filipino-Thai flavors of the Crispy Hito (Catfish) with Mango Salsa overtook our senses as we enjoyed the bite-sized bits of extra-crispy Hito fillets tossed in a sweet sauce and then topped with fresh green mangoes, tomatoes, and bagoong (shrimp paste). Our favorite however, was the Indian-Moroccan inspired Pork Spareribs in Coffee Sauce; a stew of tender pork ribs in a sweet and tangy sauce of ginger, spices, and coffee. For dessert we decided to stand at the edge of the property and wait for the gorgeous sun to set. We were awe-stricken as we watched the waters of Saranggani Bay’s hue change from a golden orange to a depp amber, and finally to pitch black. At this point we realized this was not going to be an ordinary road trip.

The Crunch-Lover’s Safe Haven

When we got back to downtown Gen San, one of my friends started craving for some Italian food. Only one place came to mind-- the home of the world’s largest pizza: Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria.

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria was not like any other pizza place we have gone to before; it had a sense of drama about it. When we walked in the door we immediately felt like we were transported to Italy as murals of Italian tourist spots covered the walls. Even the menu was exciting as they offered Kinilaw Pizza, Crocodile Pizza, Kabab Pizza, and a Banana and Curry Pizza. However, we settled for the good old thirty-inch Hawaiian Pizza (we couldn’t possibly consume a sixty-three inch pizza, their biggest), some Pasta Carbonara and Bolgnese. To add more drama to the place, the pizza-makers showed off their skills from the open kitchen. Their pizza definitely did not disappoint the thin-crust lover in all of us as their pie had a signature crunch that you could not find anywhere else; it actually felt like eating crackers…with loads of super delish toppings!

A Party Innovator’s Sanctuary

After our second meal for the night we were super-filled and ready to do what we do best: party. We couldn’t exactly hit the dance floor because we were too full so we decided to check out some watering holes instead. We drove around the city for a good thirty minutes until we parked the car right in front of Piyesta at Robinson’s Gen San. We realized that Piyesta was one of the most popular night-time destinations in the city as it was packed to the brim.

Fortunately, we managed to grab some seats and started ordering their signature offerings. We tried their Kurasticks (from the root word kurat which means ‘to be surprised’) which were green chili stuffed with ground beef and then wrapped in lumpia (Filipino spring roll) wrapper and deep-fried to golden perfection. To accompany the Kurasticks we ordered some Gayuma (love potion), a combination of Rhum, Vodka, Tequila and Strawberry Juice which were served in test tubes (if you order the drink by the bucket) or graduated cylinders. Piyesta definitely made boozing a lot of fun; giving us a taste of Gen San innovation and flair for the extraordinary.

Fruit of a Champion’s Labor

After six buckets of gayuma we decided that we were ready to experience deeper all that the Gen San party scene had to offer. After a short drive, we arrived at one of the newest and hottest party places in town: J Mix. Named after Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao’s better half, this bar represented what new Gen San was all about. It had a perfectly calculated mix of the best music, wonderful interiors and lighting, and, just like our previous destination, it offered some really innovative drinks.

We ordered their signature poison: J Mix shots, which was a combination of fresh juice and hard alcohol served in double-shot glasses. It was refreshing, simple, and definitely packed a punch. However, the star of the night was the Flaming J Mix. The bartender carefully prepared all the components of the drink. He placed a margarita glass that was topped with a bottle opener and filled with rum and vodka on our table. He topped the bottle opener with a bottle of Bacardi 151 and a shot glass. He then poured some tequila and triple sec over the whole set-up and lit it on fire. The result: a tall tower of flaming glass. My friends and I then took turns in sipping the warm alcohol with our straws. The Flaming J Mix is definitely not for someone who has low tolerance towards alcohol.

The Road Lead Us To…

Our night time road trip was definitely fun-filled and insightful. It gave us a peak into General Santos City’s bustling night life filled with great food, unique drinks, and quirky novelties. It seemed like a night was not enough to fully understand the intricacies of the city’s nightscape, but we had to end our trip.

As we headed back home, we played that old Beatles classic again and as we sang along “The Long and Winding Road” we realized that the establishments we have gone to were not our real destination; they were simply stop-overs on our journey along the long and winding roads of General Santos City. However, those long and winding roads definitely lead us somewhere special. It lead us to the realization that sometimes, all you need to have fun is a couple of good friends, a tank full of gas, and a serious case of wanderlust.

Sunset Sessions

This Summer has seen it’s share of drama in Partylandia as some of our most favored bars and watering holes have closed down. Plus, the strict implementation of the 2 AM liquor ban left partyphiles, well, sober. And everyone knows a night around town without getting wasted is a night wasted. So I was glad to know that my favorite event-organizers decided to throw a sunset party. The concept was simple, really. If we cannot drink until the wee hours of the morning, then we must start earlier. And that was exactly what Fishtank Productions gave us as they threw the only sunset party this year.

Sunset Sessions seemed promising, and it lived up to that promise. Much can be said about that party and how great it was, but I will give you the reasons why I thought it was the hottest party this Summer.

First of all, it was held at Villa de Mercedes. As everyone knows, this is the first event at VDM wherein everybody was invited (you need to be a member to enjoy their amenities). And although VDM was miles and miles away (I paid the cab driver 300 to bring me there, plus he complained the whole way) it was definitely worth the travel. In fact, this party looked like it could have been a screen shot from a movie or a really sexy television series (think, Sex and the City or the new 90210). It was nice to see partyphiles dancing on a make shift dance floor against the back drop of an infinity pool that seemed to disappear into Davao Gulf; and the city lights, oh the wonderful city lights, were all the lasers we needed. As I was watching partyphiles hit the dance floor against the gorgeous back drop of the nightscape and the Davao Gulf I realized that this party was about Davao. How we, in spite of all the drama that surrounds the current party scene, are still intrinsically partyphiles. It was inspiring to know that local partyphiles would travel this far just to party, and party they did!

And how could they not? Davao’s favorite spin-master, DJ Torch dished out the best of the best party hits as Davaoeno partyphiles hit the floor and gyrated to the freshest beats. Karl Ty from Superfly Manila then stepped in, to give us a taste of what Manila party-music sounded like. And although it was puzzling to some, most seemed to enjoy the fresh take on dance music.

As with most Fishtank events, unlimited alcohol was served up until midnight. Of course, they may have given drinks away far later than that, but my drunken memory says the free booze stopped flowing by the strike of twelve. And it did not matter. The party officially started around four in the afternoon, and eight hours of free booze is enough for a sane partyphile.

To accompany those gorgeous alcohol mixes, grilled fare was served. My friends especially enjoyed the uberly-tender squid and the juicy chicken, and I felt like this was the perfect accompaniment to my Vodka-Sprite. In fact, this party had all the workings of the perfect Summer soiree. They had a breathtakingly gorgeous venue, an awe-inspiring view, free alcohol, the best beats, and the crowd was gorgeous.

Even the hour-long (or two) black-out did not stop partyphiles from parting. Somehow, they managed to get some music piped in from a car, torches lit up the places, and the party continued, albeit more quietly. However, nobody seemed to mind, as people were still coming in group by group. In fact, my friends and I agreed that this was probably the best part of the night. It was refreshing to be in a party where no one cared about the other people in the party, and friends actually had time to talk as they watched the gorgeous view. For us, the black out was the perfect opportunity to chillax before hitting the dance floor. Everybody must have been thinking the same, because moments after power was restored, partyphiles started hitting the dance floor. And the dancing lasted until the wee hours of the morning, just like any other Fishtank party.

However, unlike most Fishtank parties, something about this one struck me. It wasn’t like any other party I’ve gone too. I guess it is a rare incidence when you could actually party, drink up, and dance, while contemplating about life in general, or even just talk with your best friends. I think the gorgeous back drop of the event (the nightscape, pool, and sea) allowed it to have a sense of serenity amidst all that wild partying. And that in itself is something to be thankful of. And maybe that is the true meaning of partyphilia: realizing that the loudest party may not be the best; and that sometimes, all we need to have fun is a group of friends, music in the background, and unlimited booze.

Summer Chill 2010

This summer has truly been an eventful one for the Davaoeno partyphile. We have obviously had our share of hot events plus we saw some of our favorite bars close down, albeit temporarily, which somehow changed the partyscape of the city. No matter what we have to say about the current party scene, we have to admit that change, yet again is coming. We are approaching the end of summer. And to help us end it with a bang, Pearl Farm Beach Resort threw a summer-ender dubbed Summer Chill 2010. Just like their past events it had all the elements of a really good, chill-out party.


Pearl Farm parties always have the best food. On this particular event, they definitely did not disappoint as they dished out some of the most mouth-watering grilled fare. They had some grilled chicken, grilled pork, fish skewers, sausages, cold cuts, mini pizzas, and desserts galore! This seemed to be the perfect summer menu- light, easy to eat, and savory to a hilt.


With the ticket you paid for the event you got to enjoy free food and drinks all night so getting your booze fill was definitely not a problem. They had so many drinks to choose from as well. They served up some sodas from Zest-O including some of my favorites, Dad’s Rootbeer and Calamansi Soda; Products from San Miguel Beer; the best Tanduay Cocktails; and of course, the excitingly sexy drinks from the Coca-Cola Black Bar. With all these choices it seemed like I had just died and landed in an alcoholic’s version of heaven.


The crowd was an interesting mix of vacationers, little children, and older people, but the bulk of the guests were about my age. That is, in the early twenties to early thirties age group. And this was pretty understandable since the up-and-coming band was fairly young. Obviously this crowd was into dancing and boozing up, and they did it n a way that only young people can do: crazily, sexily, hilariously, sometimes stupidly, fun.

Beat-Master, Bubbles, Fire and Grava

This summer party also featured DJ Yancy as a prelude to the featured band’s performance. As always, he was on point with the heat of the crowd as he dished out current favorites while accompanying videos played on a huge screen; Yancy’s trademark. The crowd of twenty-somethings went wild as they brought themselves in the middle of the dance floor without much prodding. They willing set the floor on fire as they danced the night away.

Before the beat master, Yancy, took center stage however, some interesting forms of entertainment took place as the party also featured an audibly gorgeous percussion band, Jammin’ Grava, a sizzling fire-dance exhibition, and a bubble show, complete with uberly-flexible ladies.


However the night’s main performers were an up-and-coming band Eevee. Fresh from their win at the recently concluded Nescafe Soundskool band competition, this band had come back home to Davao to give us a little taste of their album produced by Sony Records. This was a very special treat for Pearl Farm guests as they got to enjoy, first-hand, the music of a local band who making it big in the Manila music-scape. And although their songs were currently relative-unknowns, except for their hit-in-the-making “Girlfriend” which is always LSS-worthy, they had a flair for performing that made all the guests at the party feel like they were part of the group. Their signature pop-rock, alternative style with jazz infusions seemed to sit well with their guests as everyone bobbed their head in agreement. One performance from the band and understood why they won the competition, why they managed to bag a record label while only a year old, and why they are being tagged as the next big thing in the local music industry.

All in all Summer Chill 2010 allowed us to do just that, chill. It had some of the best party food ever, they had really great entertainment, the weather was perfect, the breeze was cool, the crowd was willing to let go and succumb to the call of the dance floor, and the band was a hit. This event only left us wanting for more Pearl Farm parties, and I hope they graciously give us that.

Celebritweets 2

Almost everybody today is connected to at least one social networking site; making everyone, even our favorite celebrities, more accessible. Twitter is one of the more popular social networking sites as it gives us a peek into the day to day activities of the people we follow. This can prove to be exciting, especially when one simply wants to “observe” what everybody else is doing. Yes, Twitter s allows you to be a fly on the celebrity wall. Not yet on Twitter? Here is what you have missed so far:”

1.) Internet Celebrity and MTV star Tila Tequila: “I fell off a chair and slammed my head into the wall and heard my skull crack.” She then tweeted: “I should call the ambulance just in case…like the one actress that died because she hit her head and thought she was OK but died later…pray for me.” Followed by: “Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die in a few hours.”After a couple of hours, her publicist had to take over her Twitter account because she actually had a concussion.

2.) Alessandra de Rossi: Bakit ganon? Iba ang lasa ng pagkain pag andito sa bahay si Assunta?

Alessandra and Assunta’s Mom tweeted in reply: Umaarte ka nanaman. Para mineral water lang pinangluto ko sa pagkain niya eh.”

Two other tweets from the sassy Alessandra de Rossi: “Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? Eh ako kaka jetski ko lang sa dagat ng mga dyamante! FTW!” and “Dalawa lang ang maimpluwensyang pamilya ditto sa Pilipinas. Ang Arroyo at ang de Rossi”

3.) Demi Lovato gushed after seeing one of her idols: “[A photo of] Aretha Franklin and I … My first and ultimate inspiration… I’m about to cry and.. Still shaking!”

4.) Amanda Bynes: “I can’t fall for you if you’re not there to catch me.”

5.) Mariah Carey proves that she is a superhero. Aside from having a gazillion-octave voice she even claims to put out a fire, saying: "In Egypt getting ready to go on stage and suddenly there was a surge of power and an electrical fire started under my feet! Wtf?!" and added "Naturally, my emergency instincts kicked in and I put out the flames w/a towel. Lol (yet true)”

6.) Reality TV Star Khloe Kardashian: “What does Jejejeje mean?”

7.) Here’s a tweet from Gibo Teodoro’s account: “Gibo among the ‘Ten cutest guys in Philippine Politics’”

8.) International Pop Superstar and Actress Miley Cyrus: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and for that, my family’s SO grateful. So for LAME bloggers that don’t know what they’re talking about SHUT UP!”

9.) Lady Gaga telling the world that when everything is stripped down, she isn’t so Gaga after all: “Taking a break today, in bed with mommy having glass of wine waiting for sis to get home. Just us Italian girls running the house tonight”

10.) Zsazsa Padilla replying to a tweeter who tweeted snide comments about Karylle: “Stop bashing my daughter. She’s Awesome!”

11.) Ashton Kutcher: “Is it fair to say that happiness lives somewhere between Death and Orgasm?”

12.) Local News Anchor Karen Davila: “PGMA seems to always seems a step ahead of her foes. I wonder what they fed her as a baby. I’m kiiiiidddiiiing.”

13.) Manila-based Davaoeno Comedian, Chockoleit: “Pag nasabihan ako ng "Chokie,ang ganda mo!", naaasar ako't alam ko namang nanloloko lang.Pag "Ampangit mo!", bad trip naman ako, hmp,kainis!”

14.) Partyphile Tim Yap gushing about his favorite micro-blogging site: “I must say that being on twitter has lowered the average cost of my monthly cellphone bill. TY Twitter!:-))

15.) Ruffa Gutierrez: “Told Venice about my role today...that I was in prison, so sad and needed to cry. She says to me: "Just use eyedrops mommy"! Hahaha! :)”

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On the Road to the Home of the Generals 1

Summer has always been known to be a time when we could actually crave for a change of scene and get it. Summer has always been one of the most awaited times of the year because it is during summer that people find themselves feeling less guilty to go our and have a little bit of fun in the sun. We are a month away from the end of the summer, but have you really gotten your summer’s worth of fun?

If the answer is “no”, then you definitely have to do something about it. I know it is not as easy as people make it seem; it requires a lotta cash and a lotta down time. However, when I feel like a change in routine (to change my perspective and mood) is in need, I go on a road trip to nearby cities. One of my favorite places to visit is Genera Santos City, because I think it has a lot to offer, and it has all the urban comforts I need. The next time you feel the need to maximize your Summer, gather all your fun-loving friends, pack for a night, hop on a car and head off to General Santos City. And that was exactly what I did last weekend. This was my itinerary:

1:00 pm: I left Davao with two other friends to go to General Santos City, the next destination for our night time escapades. I remembered to pack all the essentials:

a.) Alcohol and hand sanitizer (because you never know when you would need to clean your hands)

b.) Sun Block (because the Gen San heat can get a little too hot, even for a sun worshipper like me)

c.) Toilet Spray (check out Holy Seat in SM ) in case I would need to use a public toilet (gross).

d.) Snacks

e.) A CD filled with my al time favorite summer tracks (this definitely helps you get in the road trip mood)

3:00 pm: We arrived in general Santos City, and since we had brunch earlier in the day, we decided to have an earlier dinner in Saranggani Highlands. Saranggani Highlands is about 20 minutes away from down town GenSan but is soo worth the travel. Ask local for directions.

When we arrived at Saranggani Highlands we were awe-stricken by the beauty of the place. It was like a green thumb’s dream. Imagine a huge 4 hectare property that was filled with grass, bonsais, imported types of bamboo, local plants, and gorgeous foliage; plus, as if it was not breath taking enough, it had a view of the largest bay in the Philippines: Saranggani Bay. We enjoyed taking photos of the gorgeous and picking from their expansive menu that was filled with the freshest food this side of Mindanao.

We decided to order some unique sounding food stuff like their Crispy Prawns with Sesame Seeds, which looks like Camaron Rebosado but with a slightly more oriental flavor and a dusting of Sesame Seeds. We also tried their Pork Spare Ribs in Coffee Sauce, which is a Spare Rib stew in a sauce that kinda tasted like it had coconut milk and a slight hint of coffee. The Crispy hito with Mango Salsa sounded irresistible as well as it contained extra crunchy hito fillets tossed in a sweet and tangy sauce and topped with slices of green mango, onions, and bagoong. However, our favorite was the exotic appetizer: Mango-Pomelo Salad with Shrimp which was a salad of ripe mango and pomelo pieces with perfectly seasoned and sautéed shrimps drenched in a honey-mustard sauce.

We stayed there until around five p.m. to see the sun set as its rays reflected on the waves of Saranggani Bay, a truly majestic sight to behold. In my book, no trip to general Santos City would be complete without catching the sun set at Saranggani Bay, as this wonderful garden transforms into a nocturnal haven for the weary soul. My friends and I took time for ourselves as we all found little nooks in the sloping gardens of Saranggani highlands to contemplate about all we have done, and all we plan to do. At this point, we knew that this road trip was going to be unlike any other.

6:00 pm: By six pm we were ready for more gastronomic treats, even though our tummies were full, the foodies in us took over as we searched for the best pizza place in town: Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, home of the largest pizza in the world. We could not believe that Mamma Maria’s actually served a sixty-three inch pizza that could not even fit through their door!

When we stepped inside the quaint resto we were pleasantly surprised to see murals on the walls depicting tourist attraction in Italy; these looked to good to miss out on a photo op. And even though other customers looked at us with an “are they ignorant” stare, we did not mind; probably one of the best things about not being a local.

We decided that we could not finish that huge a pizza and instead opted for the next largest one, the thirty inch pie. We chose a simple flavor, Hawaiian, because we heard that the crust was glorious all on its own; and oh, it did not disappoint. If you love thin and crunchy pizzas, Mamma Maria’s will definitely rank high on your list as their doughy creations are extra crunchy (even the ones we took back to the hotel stayed risp) even though the pizza slices were drooping from all the huge slices of ham and pineapples. Plus, it did not break the bank as the humonguous pie we ate cost less than 900 pesos. And even though we could not take anymore food, we ordered some Bolognese and Carbonora, just to have a taste of their pasta creations. The Bolognese tasted familiar, something like Mommy would make, but the Carbonara was my personal favorite. For only 89 pesos I was surprised to find huge squares of bacon and ham on top of the generous serving. Most orders of Carbonara came with super tiny bacon bits that you could not taste them anymore, but the one from Mamma Maria’s were cut large enough to give you a punch of bacony flavor. This was my version of white pasta bliss. Even if you are not a pizza lover like me, I am quite sure that you will enjoy these Italian inspired dishes from Mamma Maria’s. Some must tries include their Kinilaw Pizza, Crocodile Pizza and their boat-shaped Breakfast Pizza.

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria is almost addicting. With the perfect ratio of sumptuous toppings, generous servings of gooey-melted cheese, and crisp yet tender dough; it is hard to find a better tasting thin crust pizza in the region.

Read the continuation of this road trip next week.