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Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is Not Sex and the City

i was sitting with my friends somewhere in the middle of davao, yes, not new york. i was in a fast food...i was in mcdonalds actually...and i was enjoying my favorite treat:

a hot fudge sundae, a good menthol cigarette and better conversation

yes. this was my sunday night. and lthough it seems regular, it was fun. the conversation was nothing like what the asamantha's and the carries of the world go through, but hey, these are my friends, and what they have to say is good enough for me.

we do not live lives as exciting as the main cast of sex and the city, neither do we have the most exciting love lives, but here we were, four single people just out of college (well one is actually still in college) and ready to take on the world. opur conversation was not about anything exciting either. we just talked about common everyday occurences. and at that very moment, where a little honest mistake garnered laughs like it was a big joke, i realized:

it is never about where youare, how exciting your life is, or what you say... it is actually more abiout who you are with

and i think that tyhis has always been the constant theme in my life. friends are my fuel, and the lack of friends (support and what not)is what weakens is my proverbial kryptonite...

i wanted to go back to college to be with these peope again... but i know i do not have to do that... a simple text is enough to bring us together, and even bring us back to our uniform-wearing daYs, when we chatted away, pretending to listen to our professor. for all we know, they were never boring, we just knew somehow that better conversation was waiting for usin the seat next to ours.

confession # 8:

at this time where my life is complicated, my thoughts are a blur, and my love life is non-existent... these college buddies of mine still have the power to take me back to those days when i could just kick back, relax and watch my life go by.

and i am afraid to let go of these people, because maybe, just maybe, with them gone, i would lose my license to chillax as well..