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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lemon Shandy

Mix equal parts lemonade and light beer in a glass. Add a couple of mint sprigs.

easy. light. refreshing.

Advantages of Beer

Ten reasons why beer is good:

10.) Beer is full of fiber.

A liter of beer actually has 60% of your daily recommended fiber intake.

9.) It is good for the community.

Beer is known to be a natural stress reliever. If more people drank beer, everybody would be happier.

8.) Promotes strong bones.

According to researchers at the Tufts University, beer contains high levels of silicon which speeds up the delivery of calcium to bones.

7.) It is available everywhere.

It is available in your local neighborhood sari-sari store, in convenience stores, in malls, in groceries….

6.) It cures insomnia.

Beer has lactoflavin and nicotinic acid which promotes sleep. Hops is also known to be a natural sedative.

5.) It tastes good.

4.) It is full of vitamins. Beer is a significant source of magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12

3.) It is a cheap and fast way to get your date full.

2.)It gets you drunk.

1.) When you’re really drunk, the upward motion of the bubbles can be quite entertaining.

Traffic at the Metro

Traffic Light at the Metro

Valentine’s is one of my least favorite seasons in the year. Don’t get me wrong, I think the creation of V-Day was a stroke of marketing genius. But being reminded that I was single AGAIN was not exactly my idea of a fun holiday. Needless to say, I was not very excited about this year’s Red-festivities.

Fortunately, I found out that this V-Day, Red was not the only color I could don; there were two others: Yellow and Green. These colors are quite familiar. In fact, they are found in every annoying intersection in the metro in that little black box every driver loves to hate: the traffic light! Interestingly, that annoying black box saved this year’s Valentine’s Season for me.

Traffic Stopper

Traffic Light Party 2010 is the second annual Traffic Light Party (TLP) organized by the party geniuses otherwise known as: Fishtank Productions. In my book, it was the hottest party to begin the year, as it had all the elements of a really good event: great music, a quirky concept, sexy games, free booze, and probably the most important element of all: an easy vibe. And on that fateful February 12, these elements were served generously.

The Traffic Light Party was named such because of the dress code. Single partyphiles were to wear green, attached partyphiles were to wear Red, and partyphiles who felt their status was too complicated were to wear yellow. This not only gave the party a whole new dynamic, but it also gave partyphiles who were on the prowl instant hints on who were Swingles (single and willing to mingle). As if that wasn’t enough to get the party started, Tanduay cocktails were served, for free, until midnight! And everybody knows free booze makes everything better.

Hot as Flame

The first part of TLP saw Davao’s favorite music mongrel, DJ Torch, dishing out track after track of partyphile favorites. Torch seemed to be at his best as he piped out an infectious loop of bangin’ beats and stacked vocals that has now become his signature style; one that seems to be defining the current dance floor trend for local partyphiles.

Thanks to Torch’s ability to tap into everyone’s inner-dancer, Metro Lounge had become a canvass for gyrating bodies even before the strike of eleven.

Let’s Play a Love Game

An hour later, the games began with Yours Truly as the willing game master. “Love Cards” was the game of choice for this year’s TLP, which had 3 hot couples doing naughty things (too naughty for print, unfortunately) to several body parts. A lock-and-key match-making game also took place where guys had to open locks around the girls’ necks. The night’s winners got to take home an overnight stay at Microtel Inn and Suites, a dinner date at Café Marco, dinner dates at Entrée, and copies of M Magazine.

Influenced by BI

Manila’s DJ BI then stepped inside the DJ’s booth and started dishing out his own repertoire. He opened his set with a slow and steady number and worked his way to hard party ditties, giving the party’s attendees a musical crescendo.

His 12 years of experience as a DJ was quite evident as his set was obviously well thought of, seamlessly executed, and was definitely something new to the Davaoeno partyphile’s ear. His mix of chart-toppers and relative unknowns forced listeners to enjoy the entirety of the set, and to immerse in the whole performance, instead of just bumping and grinding from song to song. DJ BI’s set did not only provide a musical backdrop for those who wanted to dance; he gave everybody an awe-inspiring musical rollercoaster. In a sense, this was the epitome of club music; the partyphile’s version of poetry.

Falling in Love

And somehow, between all the free drinks, the crazily sexy games, and the out flow of truly gorgeous music; the colors of our shirts suddenly became irrelevant. Somehow, it did not matter what our relationship statuses were. Somehow, on that one night, the love that partyphiles shared for partying, for the dance floor, for booze, and for the partyphile life was enough to make us forget about the troubles that romantic love may bring.

And maybe that’s all a single partyphile really needs: a reason to party and the realization that a wonderful time, with anybody, is enough to make a cynic partyphile fall in love with Valentine’s again.

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