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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's New In Partylandia

Partylandia is always evolving and a Partyphile with some good noggin’ feel the need to be informed on what’s hip, hot and happening to stay on top of the trends. Even though it is hard to believe, the local party scene is fast-paced, and ever-changing. One night you might be the hottest creature in the bar, the next you might discover that you could no longer get in for free, because your VIP card has “expired”. You have to know the alternatives, you have to know where to go, in case your favorite bar decides to start playing novelty songs; you have to know where to find information; you have to know different drink options; and to help you with that, here is a list of fresh partyphile gems.

Gilbey’s Premium Strength- This amber-colored drink may resemble beer, but it is galaxies from common lager. This drink has been taking Partylandia by storm, and has been converting beer drinkers, one cold GPS bottle at a time. This interesting mix of Gin, Tonic Water, Ginger, Citrus and Green Tea makes for a refreshingly tangy treat you could gulp down for hours. For about fifty pesos per bottle, it isn’t bad, especially since it has 7% alcohol, which should give you that buzz; an easy-to-open cap; a unique but familiar taste, and it doesn’t leave your stomach heavy. Forget all the others--this is the poison of choice.

Metro Lounge- This new place is HOT! All of Davao’s real partyphiles have been frequenting the place, and it is easy to understand why. DJ Torch Gacuma, one of Partylandia’s fave DJs spins there every Saurdays, so you are assured of great music. The interiors are wonderful. With a blue and white scheme, Metro Lounge is sleek and sophisticated. It is smaller compared to most bars in the city, but it makes up for it by giving you wonderful service from the wait staff, great music, beautiful interiors, a gorgeous crowd, and a secret surprise if you come early. The Metro Lounge is the place to be if you want to cement your Partyphile status.

Coffee Cat- I don’t know about you, but my Party buddies and I meet for coffee before we step out to party. Recently, Coffee Cat has been our fave place to hang out. We love their coffee creations and yogurt shakes, plus the interiors are worthy of impromptu photo shoots. Their black and white scheme, and the friendly wait staff makes this place homey and cozy, while maintaing sleek, sophisticated modernism. Plus, you get your fair share of eye candy.

Forge- This quaint boutique (that transforms into a bar at night) is the new haven for the modern Bohemian. This shop, owned by the quirky and fun duo of Hyku and Gib, is the place to be for senseless, relaxed fun. Avail of the cheapest beer in town, for 25 pesos a bottle, or try their unique mixed drinks, served in plastic buckets (they give you multiple straws if you come in a group, but you all drink from the same bucket. Of course, you could always request for your drink to be served in a pitcher, if you’re feeling divalicious, but they might throw you out). While you drink with your friends and listen to all the stories of the artists that frequent the place, you could even do a bit of shopping (they sell quirky shirts at reasonable prices). Forge is along Palma Gil Street, near Humbertos. Look for the shop that has paintings of aliens, space ships, and stars on the wall. Bring all your friends, and leave your attitude out the door.

Celebration- This new song is the first single off the Queen of Pop’s fresh album. It was obviously made to be played in bars and clubs, and it sounds more like vocal house than mainstream Pop. Lady Gaga and the Paradiso Girls have to move over, because the original party girl is back in the airwaves, and from the sounds of it, is staying for another sixty thousand years (Madonna just never seems to grow old).

Smallfish Productions- Smallfish Productions has been dishing out some great parties these past few months, and somehow, they have taken it upon themselves to bring back Davao’s exciting night life. Made up by four full-fledged partyphiles, Smallfish Productions, has been throwing posh parties, sans the jologs crowd, old-Davao style. Being partyphiles themselves, they know exactly what partyphiles want: great music, quirky themes, free booze, hot prizes and a great energy; and that is exactly what they provided on their last three events: Traffic at the Metro, Confessions at the Metro and, the recently concluded Wave: Beach. Breeze. Booze. If you want to rub elbows with Davao’s young gliteratti, watch out for their next event and climb the partyphile ladder.

Plurk- Plurk is the latest internet obsession of partyphiles. It is much like Twitter, only more interactive. It is a micro-blogging site that promotes getting to know the person for their ideas, not their photoshopped profile pictures. According to rumors in Plurkandia, Plurk stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Karma; the last element being the scoring system in this social networking site. In a nutshell, you get more smileys and perks for having higher karma. Exercising PLUR, will give you higher K. Recently though, lonely partyphiles who, for some reason, cannot leave the confines of their homes to go out to party have started throwing drinking parties over Plurk. One would start a thread about an impromptu Plurk drinking party, and everyone else joins in, sharing pictures of themselves drinking; sharing cocktail recipes; or new songs, all while drinking their poison of choice in the comfort of their homes. Basically, it is like talking over beer, only your drinking buddies are far, far away. Sometimes Plurkers even end up setting real drinking sessions. (Please add me up I’m in dire need of a karma increase).

Bols Peppermint- Alright, alright, I know this isn’t a new drink, but I have recently discovered that they serve it in Some Place Else. If you love mint, this is definitely the drink for you. It tastes like vodka with A LOT of mint, like you just ate 20 menthol candies…all at the same time. The mintiness shoots through your nose, and by the time you get over how clear your sinuses have become, you will have fallen in love with this drink. Another plus: Some Place Else serves a glass of this for only seventy pesos.

Confessions of a Partyphile- Confessions of a Partyphile is now a radio show. Catch it every Wednesdays, 6 to 9 PM at 105.9 Mix FM. The show features three hours of the best party music in the land, and the topics on the show are basically the same with the topics we discuss in this column. The show also gives you updates on where to party, how to party, and how to throw your own house party. Of course, yours truly, will be the host of the show, so if you like this column, tune in to Confessions of a Partyphile, the radio show. More importantly, if you decide to throw a house party on a Wednesday night, make Confessions of a Partyphile the soundtrack, and get ready for a truly hot bangin’ party.

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