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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrity Birthday Celebrators

Celebrity Birthday Celebrators

Chris Brown: 21

Adele: 22

Craig David: 29

Karl Marx: 192

Happy Birthday also to:

Ariel Periquet

Kathleen Garces

Kingsley Sandoval

The Best Mothers Day Gifts

10 I took a survey among my friends and all of them say they give their Moms a service at a spa. You could also buy her a massager.

9 Compile all your pictures with your Mom in an album and serve that to her with some breakfast in bed.

8 If you are low on budget, grab your Mom’s High School and College yearbook and create a Facebook account for her, and add up all her friends from way back.

7 Buy her something personalized like a shirt, an apron, or a pillow telling her she’s the greatest Mom.

6 Give her DVDs. (koreanovelas)

5 Here’s something from our listener: A santan necklace, with matching ring and bracelet… just like the old days

4 I once asked all my friends to send their Mother’s Day messages for my Mom to my FB account, and then I compiled them all in a scrapbook. It actually made my Mom cry.

3 A coupon that excuses her from any chores or work for the day

2 Some alcohol. Because it makes everyone happier.

1 A coupon that says she has some free sexy time with Dad

Drink of the Week: Dirty Mother

To celebrate Mother's Day, here is a hot and easy cocktail you can make: the Dirty Mother

1 ½ oz brandy

½ Coffee Liqeur.

Mix the ingredients together in an Old-Fashioned glass filled with ice cubes and stir well.