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Monday, September 1, 2008

Keeping Things Real

in the few years that i have existed, i have learned quite a lot from friends. i have learned how to:
1. cuss;
2. drink;
3. smoke;
4. do drugs; and
5. party

and yes. i do treat my friends well. i prioritize my friends more than half the stuff that i should. and so it really sucks hard when these people, you call friends, become the enemy.

yes, i know this is normal and this is totally temporary (keeping my fingers crossed here), but is it healthy for one's sanity to believe that your BFFs will really last forever?

recently, people i still refer to as my 'best friends' or my 'clique', have done the unthinkable (gasp) -- they have forgotten to invite me for a night out! and what is a partyphile to do when that partyphile is left out from something that is totally that partyphile's element?

well... experience tells me: that partyphile bleeds.

Yes. a partyphile may have a sea of connections and what not, but when people who used to be close to a partyphile's heart leaves that particular partyphile...s/he goes almost crazy.

with the myriad things that my friends have taught me, i realized something.

just like the waning and fading effects of alcohol and drugs, friends too are fleeting...
and just like alcohol and drugs, the more you hold on to them, the more you feel like you're losing control. which makes me think...

are friends, sober people's alcohol?

confession 2:

if friends are sober people's alcohol, then i would much gladly trade my friends for alcohol. at least alcohol never makes promises of forever and butterflies and rainbows.

with alcohol, you know exactly the effect: you get a hangover the day after, there might be a possibility of projectile vommit in your future, you might get attracted to otherwise unattractive peole, and you get (just ike with friends) a good time.

with alcohol, however, you know that by the time you wake up the next morning, it's comforts would have left you. with friends, you never know when your bond is severed. all the lonely people in the world tonight: raise your rum-cokes and drink your worries away!