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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Confessions of a Single Partyphile

Confessions of a Single Partyphile

The Single Scene:

Imagine you are a hot, twenty-something, single female. You and your girl friends have just stepped inside a bar, dressed to the nines, and are ready to party hearty. You have planned this evening for a while now, and you were dedicated to make this one heck of a night!

You were super excited to meet with your gal pals for a hard night of partying; until you realize that your friends’ boyfies have somehow popped out of nowhere. You are, obviously, frustrated because your plans were disrupted. Unfortunately, your woes as a single partyphile have just started.

You notice your friends and their partners are starting to get cuddly, while you sit there alone. Your friends and their boyfies have started dancing sexily, while you still sit there alone. Your friends have started receiving free drinks from their hubbies, and are gulping glass after glass of their poisons of choice, while you, unfortunately, still sit there alone.

When your friends all have partners, you can’t help but feel like the third wheel. Somehow, even if you are right smack in the middle of a crowded room, you feel more alone than ever.


Everybody knows it is hard to be single in Partylandia. When your friends can’t party with you, you get stuck at home, instead of partying with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Let’s be real here: when you don’t have anyone else to party with, your girl/boyfriend is the perfect last resort.

When you step on top of the bar to dance your worries away, you are never sure that someone in the crowd is going to cheer for you. You are never sure that somebody is going to split the bill with you. Nobody ever volunteers to walk with you to the counter to order drinks.

Nobody ever accompanies you on that ride home after a Saturnight party. Nobody ever rubs your back when you start vomiting everywhere. There is nobody you can text or call once the party has started to get boring and you want to get the heck out of there.

You always feel the need to put yourself “out there” and look for a dance-partner inside a bar. You always feel the pressure to tag someone along so that you’d have somebody to talk to when in a bar; in case your friends suddenly forget that you exist.

Yes, sad as it may seem, being a member of the band of singletons in Partylandia is one of the more difficult things to handle (next to a hang-over).

Positively Single:

It takes a strong person to stand all these, but sometimes, you just have to remind yourself of all the positive things being single brings you; and trust me, there are a lot.

Marie Braganza from Smallfish productions simply loves that “You never have to re-think or compromise your decisions.”

Pro-Blogger (check out her blog Marketing and PR Consultant/Writer/Superwoman, Ria Jose says “Being single allows you to mingle with more people, drink more, party hard, stay late, and meet more gorgeous guys”

Singer/Songwriter, Carlos Castano feels like there is one major benefit of being single: “…you get to take the time to really get to know yourself, your strengths that you should develop and the weaknesses that need working on. You can take the time to be "right" so that when time comes that you're blessed with the "right" one, you don't need to rush into anything…”

Yet some are more candid about being a member of the band of singletons. Make-up Artist and Stylist, Otoi Mercado feels that being single is not a problem, and goes even further to say “So what if I’m single? There is always something to be thankful about.”

The sassy (not to mention, gorgeous) award-winning actress, Alessandra de Rossi, even lists down for me the things she loves about being single: “You can be selfish, you can make friends with anyone, you can plan anything without having to consider someone else, you can attend all the parties you are invited to (even if your exes will be there), you can play and gossip with your friends all night long, plus I can wear my favorite bikini!”

Being single in the party scene just gives you more freedom to do whatever you feel like doing. It gives you a chance to meet more people and to be part of the crowd. Somehow, it gives you another reason to party.

Although, partying to hook-up is never, in my opinion, a good idea, the fact that you have an option to do that is enough to put a smile on any partyphile’s face.

So quit whining about being single, and forget all your worries. Partying was made to be fun, not to add more stress to your life. The solution to your problem is easy. Gather all your single friends and party with them. One of them just might be your next Mr. or Ms Right-Now.


Quit complaining about the woes of singlehood and remind yourself that the only reason why you are still single is because you want to extend your reign, as public temptation number one!

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