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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to two hyperactive dudes, Ty Pennington and Evander Holyfield....

If you're planning to send me an invite for your b-day party, don't even bother. i wont appreciate it. i dont need to hear about boxing, or screams the whole night

Party With Authority (Oktoberfest '09 at Pearl Farm)

Authority, The Best Party, and a Converted Rocker

Oktoberfest has always had a special place in a partyphile’s heart, and I always got excited when this sweet month came along. However, when I learned about Pearl farm throwing an ‘80s Rock-themed Oktoberfest party (dubbed “Party with Authority” featuring Juan Miguel Salvador and the Authority band), I wasn’t very excited; and it was pretty easy to understand why.

I was not born until 1986, so I missed most of the ‘80s, plus I wasn’t exactly a fan of rock music (you know I love House, right?). But, since I love my readers, I decided to feature the party despite my apprehensions.

I got to the Pearl Farm Marina at around 6 PM (last Saturday, October 17) and the huge, wild, waves somehow echoed what I felt inside. I was unsure about the party (I came alone. Social suicide, I know), and the huge waves just made the experience all the more unpleasant (of course, it didn’t help that I didn’t know how to swim). But sometime during that 45-minute boat ride to Malipano Island, I decided to let go, and let the fun-loving Zhaun-the partyphile, step-in.

When our boat finally docked, I started hearing one of my favorite House tunes (which made me smile from ear to ear), and I saw a familiar bald-headed guy manning the turntables. It was Davao’s favorite: DJ Torch. Suddenly, all my apprehensions went out the window, and decided that tonight, Partylandia definitely landed at Malipano Island.

I felt stupid for even feeling weird about this party; and I was glad that I let the partyphile in me step in. (Yes, even I have my moments of partyphile weakness) But from the time I stepped on that sandy shore, I was transported to a gorgeous place only the Partyphile Gods could have helped conjure up. I knew, instantly, this was going to be one hot bangin’ party!

Partyphile Pigs Out

As I walked through the sandy shoreline, I noticed the gorgeous spread of food. Pearl Farm dished out something for everyone. It didn’t matter if you were on a diet or not, they had anything you would ever want for a beach-side meal. Everybody excitedly took their pick from a wide selection of sausages, pasta dishes, salad greens, savory pastries, fresh fruits, and several types of cake. Guests were raving about the skewers of pork, beef, chicken, and fish that were cooked on the spot, right in front of the buffet table. Let’s face it; no Filipino can ever resist a good dose of freshly-grilled anything when out by the beach. Needless to say, everybody was filled, and the party has not even started!

October Booze-Fest

After dinner, I immediately started looking for the booth that served booze, just like any partyphile would. I was glad to know that, although Pearl Farm was celebrating Oktoberfest, they served more than just free-flowing beer (although, who doesn’t love an ice-cold bottle of beer by the beach?). They had free-flowing drinks for everyone. You name it, they had it! They served iced tea, sodas, beer and even mixed drinks! I consciously settled on a spot near the booze bar, and the staff was super nice, which makes boozing-up all the more enjoyable!

Like a Child Again

I was glad to see that even the little kids were enjoying the party, and were going crazy over the face-and-body painting station. Most of the guests had some sort of drawing on their bodies, which I’m sure, solved their lust for having an actual tattoo, at least for the evening.

There was also a Photo Qube in the that printed your fun photos instantly. They even prepared several different wigs and costumes to up the silliness-factor of your photos!

The beautiful host facilitated fun games that broke the ice and also gave away some hot prizes (including overnight stays at the resort and a really cute stuff toy). The party also featured one of the best fire dancing groups that had everybody staring in awe as they manipulated several contraptions, while playing with fire and dancing to ethnic beats.

The Crowd

I’m not gonna lie. I thought the crowd was gonna be filled with oldies, but I was terribly mistaken. The crowd was a great mix of people; four hundred people to be exact. There were kids like me, who were born during the ‘80s, there were some who weren’t even born during the ‘80s, there were people who I imagine to have been partyphiles during the ‘80s, and there were even people who were probably already scolding their children for being partyphiles during the ‘80s.

This party has proved that, with all the right elements, everybody, from different age groups, could all party together like they were 20 again. Being a partyphile does not have to die with age.


The stars of the night were the guys from the Authority Band with their lead vocalist Juan Miguel Salvador. Everybody knows that the Davao crowd is hard to please and isn’t exactly known to get up and dance, but the Authority band was a delight to watch. By the time they finished half of their first set, people were dancing, laughing and jumping; a true accomplishment, considering how stiff the Davao crowd can get.

They dished out serving after serving of ‘80s Rock hits like Take On Me, Gold, Friday I’m in Love, I’ll Be Missing You, and a surprisingly fresh take on Grease Lightning. They ended the night with a killer Queen-medley which, I must admit, got me excited (and that is much coming from a non-rocker), and a cover of the Meatloaf classic “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That), dedicated to pearl farm’s General Manager, Karl Sims.

The Band’s performance was topnotch and inspiring. They were gracious and humble, and knew exactly how to tickle the Davaoeno’s fancy. They obviously had passion for their music, and the camaraderie within the band extended to the crowd, making everyone feel part of the group, as they sang to some of the most iconic ‘80s hits. (They just might have converted me into a Rocker, after their wonderful performances)

The night ended with a gorgeous firework display, which is always a special treat for Davaoenos, since we can’t really do that in the city.

All in all, “Party with Authority” was one of the best parties this year, and probably the best Oktoberfest party in the metro.

This was seriously one of the best party experiences I’ve had. The Authority Band was too good for words, DJ Torch served it up as usual, the food and drinks were amazing, the service was exceptional, and the ambience was picture-perfect.

I have run out of words to describe how great this night was for everybody there, which is a sad thing for a writer, but a great thing for a partyphile. I’m just glad that all these happened in secluded Malipano Island, because, like a dirty little party secret, I could keep the experience to myself, for a long, long time.

If this is how Pearl Farm celebrates Oktoberfest, then I would gladly attend, every friggin’ year for the rest of my life, even when I’m as old as the Grandpa who was dancing all night-long to the sound of the best ‘80s music


They say the amount of booze you consume in a party is a reflection of how much fun you had. And although nobody really needed to get boozed-up to enjoy that party, here is my booze count: 2 light beers, 1 vodka-Sprite, 1 Iced Tea-ni, 2 Screw Drivers, 3 Rum Cokes, and 5 Black Volcanos. And that is more than I’m usually willing to consume! The funny thing is, with all the fun things happening around me, I didn’t even get tipsy!

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