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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Not?

Why Not?

dance like no one is looking next time you decide to party?

Why Not?

Why Not?

Since its raining and all, why not throw a coffee party instead of the usual booze fest?

New Songs

here are some new songs for those of you who are trying to update their playlists

Patron Tequila in the House!

Im Lovin this new track as well from the paradiso girls. its called Patron Tequila... And who deosnt love patron tequila right? right. if u love this one as well, please buy me a bottle of Patron.hahaha

Wanna Have a Party In Your Bedroom?

Here's a cute new song we play on 105.9 mix fm. it ois actually one of my favorite songs to play on Confessions of a Partyphile--the radio show..

this is Party In Your bedroom from Cash Cash, which involves two of my favoritest things in the world: parties and bedrooms.. Listen up and listen good!