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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank You Ms Corbit!

all our math teachers used to hate it when we asked them why we needed to study math we werent prolly gonna use in real life

most of them answered "just because" or "because thats what ched orders us to teach" only 1 teacher gave us a satisfying answer

she said: you aren't gonna need these in real life. not the computations and formulas. but math teaches you to analize, and even w/o

u knowing it, math has already helped a great deal in building your common sense. i love u miss corbit!

Last Night's Total Spending: Php 260!

Last night i met up with 2 of my gorgeous friends, Anna V and Marie. They waited for me at Jikong's (along F. Torres) and i spent a measly 55 pesos for my taxi ride.

I then bought a pack of cigs for 40 pesos and drank around 2 bottles of red horse in Jikongs (which Anna V and Marie paid for).

We then moved to Wheel's and More Drive Compound to go to Urban Club (Marie paid for the cab. she didnt bring her car). However, there was this fund-raiser event thingie for some dying lawyer so they increased their entrance fee from 100 to 500; which was definitely more than i was willing to spend for a night. (By the way, they gave away one free beer for every 500 pesos you spent as entrance fee. weird)

So we decided to drink in eshma and aldrich's place, i forgot the name.haha.. in the same compound. We drank 6 bottles of red horse (so that was two for each of use) and had some battered chicken for pulutan. I chipped in a hundred bucks.

and then we met our lawyer friend, peter. he asked us to join his other friends in autoshop and paid for our entrance fees (thank you peter!) and paid for everythign esle we drank while we were ther. my totral count was 1 bottle of red horse and 2 bottles of san mig light. oh and one shot of flaming ferrari.

i went home at 3 am and spent 65 on the taxi ride spending for last night: 260 pesos. not bad, not bad at all.

total drink count: 5 bottles of red horse, 2 bottles of san mig light and one flaming ferrari. :D