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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank You Ms Corbit!

all our math teachers used to hate it when we asked them why we needed to study math we werent prolly gonna use in real life

most of them answered "just because" or "because thats what ched orders us to teach" only 1 teacher gave us a satisfying answer

she said: you aren't gonna need these in real life. not the computations and formulas. but math teaches you to analize, and even w/o

u knowing it, math has already helped a great deal in building your common sense. i love u miss corbit!


UGHVVA said...

the best si ms. corbit. :) hahaha thanks to her alot.

Ria Jose said...

You sooo need Math for a lot of things. :)

But your teacher is right... Math is good training for the discipline, analytical thinking, and logical thinking. :)