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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Davaoeno Partyphile

A couple of days ago, as I was partying at Metro Lounge, a High School friend came up to me. After she had discovered that I wrote a column about the Davao party scene, she asked me, somewhat sarcastically, “Where do you actually party in Davao? Are there actually good party places here?”

The questions she asked me, and the way she asked me, reminded me that our local party scene isn’t nearly as exciting as Manila or Cebu partylandia. For a couple of days, I felt uneasy, and I wanted to know whether her feelings towards the Davao party scene were shared by most Davaoeno partyphiles. I decided to take a poll on Facebook to get the pulse of Davaoenos about what it truly means to party--Davao style. One of the owners of a hot bar in the metro gave his two cents:

“The Davaoeno partyphile goes out during weekends and payday, likes to hang around to places that offer cheap beers (early part of the party) then transfers to a place that has lots of people because they want to be seen (that they are cool). There is one thing that we need to change and start educating the Davaoeno partyphile. They have to start dressing up if they want to go clubbing. Not just the typical shorts and slippers. “

And although these statements seemed derogatory to Davao partyphiles, I agreed completely. I don’t think it is a bad thing though; it is simply the way Davaoenos are. And no matter how many times we complain about the Davao party scene not being hot enough, it will not change over night. One must just learn to live with, and more importantly, enjoy it.

So What? This Is Our Party

So what if Davaoenos aren’t willing to spend for overpriced lager and costly cocktails? At least we do not pretend to be filthy rich and that we don’t mind spending thousands on our drinks.

So what if we don’t dress up when we go out to party? At least people see us and get to know us for who we are, and not for what brands we wear. At least, we do not feel the need to disguise our true selves with fabulous clothes. At least we are confident enough with ourselves to go out in whatever it is we feel like wearing, just because we believe that we are great, just the way we are

So what if our party scene is not as hot as the party scenes in other key cities in the Phillies? At least we get to experience a truly Davaoeno party scene. No pretensions. No nonsense. No social climbing.

Partying is a State of Mind

I have always said that partying is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter where you party, when you party, or who you party with; a true partyphile brings a party with him/her, wherever s/he goes. Partying is about having fun, no matter what. If dressing up is your thing, then, by all means, dress up. Don’t care how many people stare at you when you step into a bar of T-shirt clad, flip-flopped partyphiles. If you have turned yourself into a fashionista, show that off!

If you have an appreciation for fine spirits, and you enjoy cool cocktails, then by all means, order that. Nobody has been stopping you all these years. You could even promote your favorite wines and spirits to your other partyphile friends, as I am sure, they are just scared of ordering a 200 peso drink they’re not even sure they’d enjoy. Instead of complaining, maybe you could start changing the Davao party scene?

Partyphile Education and Reaching Partyphile Nirvana

Nobody has been introducing the finer things in the party life to newbie partyphiles, so don’t expect people to start ordering cocktail creations, all of a sudden. Even “Sex on the Beach”, shocks local partyphiles. Not everyone knows it is a cocktail; and you can’t blame them. What drinks do bars really offer? They have been complaining that all people order is beer, but have you recently observed a bar actually highlighting their signature drink. If partyphiles are unaware of the special drinks they serve, then how could they be expected to order anything other than the tried and tested beer?

What I’m saying is simple. The Davao party scene is fresh, it is just starting. Partyphiles need to be educated about the new trends in partying. And although some of us try so hard to start changing the local party scene, we can’t do that by ourselves.

Until more people promote the Davao party scene, instead of bashing it, Davao partylandia will remain the same.

But even that is not a bad thing, because a partyphile parties from the inside.

My dear partyphile reader, you must understand that partying transcends the local trends. One of these days, you will realize that you do not need to be in a crowd to have a party. So don’t allow yourself to be held back by what others say. Let your hair down and do what you feel like doing, and only then will you reach partyphile Nirvana.


If you have guests this Kadayawan, don’t be embarrassed to give them a truly Davaoeno experience. Start off by drinking cheap beer along Torres, move on to hotter clubs for some dancing, and cap the night off, with the Davao partyphiles guilty pleasure: Nilagang Kalabaw at Bulca Chong. It might be jologs, it might be baduy, but it sure is fun!

So what if it doesn’t come close to Manila’s Embassy or, even Dolce? At least you have made them experience what it means to party simply, party for fun, and party--Davao Style!

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