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Friday, November 28, 2008

'Tis the Season for Reunions

Published in Edge Davao Business Weekly

Christmas is fast-approaching and it is becoming more and more obvious; my mornings are spent freezing in bed, my ears are almost at the point of vomiting yuletide carols, everyone I meet seems to be overly giddy, and glitter gets in my eyes every time I visit a mall.

I have grown accustomed to the so-called traditions and shenanigans that go with the Christmas season; however, I have realized that my Christmases are fast becoming a time to schedule reunions and other nostalgic get-togethers. Being a partyphile, one would guess that I would be up for any, and every, get together, and to some extent, one would have guessed correctly.

However, it gets a little annoying to have to attend these little reunions with friends I have not met since last December. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to see them again, but where and when I see them… therein lays the problem.

You see, my High School clique has asked me every December, since graduating High School, if I wanted to attend our mini-reunions. After confirming my attendance,they proceed to ask me (even if they already have some place in mind), in a uniquely annoying manner like only they can, where I would want to meet them; and I would always tell them that I’d like to go to some club; get wasted, dance a little and laugh a lot.

At the back of my mind, I already know that they wouldn’t agree; clubs are much too crowded and noisy; there would be no chance for a proper conversation. Apparently, they feel the sudden urge to “catch up” and probably imply how well they have been doing in their chosen careers, their love life, and how huge their pockets have gotten.

I agree to meet them in some resto or cafĂ©, knowing that I would, once again, waste hours of my precious time. You see, we have nothing in common anymore; we don’t go to the same High School, we don’t like the same stuff, we almost always, have nothing to talk about, heck, we don’t even live in the same island! Instead of actually having a good time with my High School buddies, my Christmas season turns into one big, boring, and uneventful reunion. And most of this I attribute to the wrong choice of location to hold our reunions.

If there is one thing I realized from attending too many pathetic reunions, it is the fact that the impressions you make on your friends last until the next December reunion, so make wiser choices when dealing with “long lost” friends, go for something unexpected, and realize that “catching up” doesn’t have to mean long, dwindling hours of senseless conversation.

Confession #12

People often ask me why I feel the need to suggest a reunion in some noisy bar, when I already know that my friends would turn the idea down. I never felt the need to explain myself, but the truth is: I’m still hoping that maybe this Christmas, they would finally agree. Why?

Because there, in the middle of some loud bar, where uninteresting and sometimes boastful, hypocritical conversations are not possible, I realize who among my High School clique have remained to be my friends.

Who shares a seat with me?
Who tells me I have had enough to drink?
Who rubs my back while I’m hurling out vomit in some public (eeew) toilet?
Who texts me a couple of minutes after, just to check if I arrived home safely?

All these questions lead me to discover who have remained to be my friends, in the truest sense of the word… and isn’t that one of the best gifts one could receive this Holiday season?

So go on partyphiles, spread the cheer and the beer this Christmas and have a no-holds-barred night-out with those long-lost friends!

Of Cocktails and Costumes: A Christmas Party Guide

Published in Edge Davao Business Weekly

Christmas is fast approaching, and whether you are a true partyphile, a partyphile wannabee, or just a willing host/ess; you would want to throw the best Christmas party, your friends, and family, have ever attended. This is a guide on how to throw the perfect Christmas party:

Tis the Season to Be Jolly, But Don’t Forget About that Beer Belly- Fearless forecast for 2009? Cocktails are back in, and beer is definitely out. Stay ahead of the fad and throw a cocktail party this season. After all, no body wants to gain a beer belly right around Noche Buena. All you need is some cocktail recipes (which are soooo easy to find online), a few good spirits and syrups, buckets of ice, festive glasses, and you are good to go! Inviting kids over? Prepare mocktails—non-alcoholic cocktails are the perfect way to let the kids in on some adult fun without suffering from what we grown-ups call “hangovers”.

Dress Up- Have a costume party! Who says costumes are reserved for Halloween? Make the Holidays more fun by requiring guests to don costumes. There are a lot of themes to choose from: Santa costumes, winter clothes, all-white parties, and you could even pull off a Hollywood themed Christmas party. It’s your party, your call!

Exclusively for Christmas- Reserve some cool bar for your friends. Nothing is more festive, and more hassle-free than throwing a party in some bar. Haven’t got that much of a budget? Look for some obscure, but cool bar around the metro and you’d be surprised at how far your Php10, 000.00 would go.

Booze Luck- Have a meager budget? Why don’t you and your friends have booze luck? It’s the boozed up version of “pot luck”, the only difference being, the guests come with different types and kinds of alcohol instead of the usual foods. Trust me: people are getting tired of your “special” spaghetti.

Munchies- There are a lot of creative things that you could serve in cocktail parties; just remember to prepare light but flavorful finger or skewer foods. Get festive and skewer up some Keso de Bola and Jamon de Bola pieces. You could also try cherry and chocolate skewers or little Chinese ham finger sandwiches. Take it to the next yuletide level by serving them up in Holiday themed trays. Don’t forget to get Christmas themed napkins and table cloths as well!

Christmas Air- Alright, everybody is tired of hearing those old classic Yuletide tunes they play in every mall, in every city, in every country. Twist it up a bit and play the new classics like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, Destiny’s Child’s “8 Days of Christmas”, Britney Spears’ “Santa Won’t You Bring Me”, N’Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”, and Chrsitina Aguilera’s “Xmas Time”. These tracks are festive but a tad bit more modern than those of Nat King Cole’s.

Ball It Up- Need a new centerpiece? Try putting some red and green or white Chrsitmas balls in a fish bowl, add a velvet ribbon, and voila! An instant Christmas masterpiece! Want to earn a little more Santa points? Purchase some dry ice from any of our local ice plants and put some in a small glass filled with water in the middle of the fish bowl before filling it with Christmas balls. The white smoke cascading over the Christmas balls looks cool, interesting and definitely unique!

With all these tips, you are sure to throw the best and most interesting Christmas party, this side of the Phillies. But remember, creativity is the key, heed my suggestions but add your own flair to that party and make your Partyphile Papa proud!

Confession #25

I could always suggest new ideas for your parties, little partyphile, but whenever I throw my own soiree, I always keep in mind, that the most important ingredient to any party, is the crowd you invite. So forget office politics, little disagreements, or family feuds; invite those who really matter to you, because a party is never is never fun unless you enjoy it with the ones closest to you.

So go on my partyphile friend, throw the best party this season, and remember: the best people deserve the best parties!

Partyphile's Christmas Commandments

Published in edge Davao Business Weekly

1.) Thou shall not gain a gazillion pounds- The food is always extra-indulgent during this season, and Jamon de Bola seems to pop up everywhere you go, but this does not give you the license to forget about your weight. You have been dieting all year and this is not the time to stop. Just think of how you’ll look in all those Christmas photos! Remember: though it is the season to be jolly, it is NOT the season to totally forget about your belly.

2.) Thou shall not be grumpy this season- Everybody hates the grinch. Why? Because he is always grumpy and tries to ruin the spirit of Christmas. Why? Because he is an insecure little snob with too many emotional problems; no shrink could probably fix him. We don’t notice it sometimes, but we too may have the tendency to act like the Grinch, and you don’t want to be the Christmas spoiler now, do you? Be a little nicer, greet everyone with a smile, and just spread the holiday cheer.

3.) Thou shall party a little harder- Come on. Your close friends are sure to be in the mood to party a little harder this holiday season. Go with the season and party a little harder, dear reader. And I’m not just talking about partying more often, just try to be in a more festive mood and enjoy everybody’s company. After all, everyone is always a couple of bucks richer come Christmas time.

4.) Thou shall not break the bank- It is true that it is the thought that truly counts, if you do not have a budget to buy everyone special to you a gift this season, then write them a sincere Holiday card. I am sure they will appreciate it much more. And please do not ever recycle gifts. Its just plain gross. One should give gifts not for duty, not for reciprocity, and not for personal satisfaction; one should give for the sheer joy of giving.

5.) Thou shall not dress in red and green- Horrendous. Who in their right mind would dress up like a Christmas tree? Red and green is reserved for Christmas ornaments, not your clothes. Give everyone a favor and please do not don holiday colors. Its just not cool.

6.) Thou shall let out thou’s inner child- Christmas time is the perfect time to remember the simples things and life and to see the world through the eyes of a child. Remember the greatest gifts you have: family, friends, and the maturity that partying may be guilt-free.

7.) Thou shall not have false idols- PSPs, iPhones and MacBooks are not the things that make up Christmas. Remind yourself that the novelty and gratification you will get from these gadgets will only last until the New Year. Think of what really matters, and you are sure to cut your Christmas wish list in half.

8.) Thou shall self indulge- Christmas is a time for loving, yet most of us forget to love ourselves a little bit more during the holidays. So self-indulge and do what you really want. Go to the beach, have a massage, buy yourself that thing you have been eyeing for so long. Now is the perfect time to give yourself what you deserve, even if it is a little capricious. After all, if you aren’t going to look out for yourself, nobody else will.

9.) Thou shall spend Christmas happily alone- Spending Christmas alone isn’t something to feel bad about; one can do so much more than just mope around at home while playing sappy Christmas songs and indulging in self pity. One does not have to feel bad about not being able to, or not wanting to, spend Christmas time with their family. If there is one thing that watching too many re-runs of Sex and the City has taught me, it is that you could choose to spend any joyous moment with the family you born in, or the family you choose to make for yourself. So gather everyone you know who can’t be home for the holidays and spread the yuletide cheer. After all, the real essence of Christmas is not found in the people you choose to spend it with; it is about being happy, no matter what.

10) Thou shall keep the “Christ” in Christmas- We often think of Christmas and remember Old Saint Nick; but Santa Claus and gift-giving sometimes distracts us into thinking that this holiday is really about Christ. I am not trying to be preachy here, and I certainly am in no position to give you readers a lecture on religion; but all I ask is for every partyphile to step back a little, and for once, give the spotlight to the person who really matters this season: Jesus the Christ.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sorry much!

hey guys..the net at home crahed so i havent eben able to posta s much as i used to

i hope ur all still alive though

keep in touch and im gonna post some soon

hope you enjoy my new in a completely new situation and its fun!

hope to write about it soon...

see ya

bye bitches!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i read somehwere that being too nice makes other people monsters..

that just makes me think....

confession #24

no matter how hard i try to convince myself that im a toughie, reality is, a simple sorry or gift or gesture is enough to melt my heart and forget everything someone has done to me....if and when i still like that person

but once i realize how i dislike or distrust a person...well...nothing s/he can do can make me feel the way i used to...

im talking about friends here....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Loving Lawlessness

once again, im in a huge t shirt and boxers.

this is my comfort wear, as all you loyal readers know by now.

and for the first time in a very very long time, i truly feel at ease.

i mean.. good things have been happening.

i just came from a tutorial session that pays pretty good. i am in my second week of training as a DJ in one of the best radio stations in davao.

i have just submitted an article for my column in edge (newspaper).

i have just received my topic for this week's project. this is for my web content writing stint.

and im just waiting for pescado (a locl bar and grill) to call me. i will soon have regular gigs there

so..if bein g out of law school feels this great...

trhen i wish i had left earlier

confession #23

if i didnt leave law school at the time i eft it..i probabaly would not have had time to assess my life and what i really wanted to do with it..

now, i can express myself through my music, my writing, and my mouth (for talking, not singing this time)

aaah..what na life

everyone wants to be heard...and i am one of the few people who can actually do that

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Windows Have Opened.

Alright. remember when i was depressed like shit, and i was like, all positive and stuff?

um. my life has now become the positive. i mean, i quit law school and sobbed for that for a while, but wenough about that.

and then my bopss decides that he does not want me to work part time for him, and that crushed me as well.. and im like, now this is a bomb. that would have paid good, and it was a pretty decent job (well aside for the content which happened to be sexually explicit) and so i thought that i was lost and what not.

but now, i think that was the best thing thast happened to me. because of quitting law school and because my boss did not accept my proposal to work part time (i guess its good bye to my dreams of purchasing a laptop), i had the courage to do so0mething i really really wanted to do: become a Dj.

and getting there was not that tough a road. i just called the station, i was interview for a couple of minutes the enxt day and had started my training. now, i just survived a week's worth of technicalitites (it is surprisingly very very very technical) but i enjoyed it sooo muuch.
its so fresh and new, and lets face it, its one of the coolest jobs on earth. right? right. does not pay much, but who cares? i mean... i don't but i ahd to make ends meet as well. so i asked a friend of mine (jenny) to look for a tutee for me. so now i am also a tutor. i tutor this korean kid named Epiphanio. his mom says he is very naughty but we'll see tomorrow when i finally start handling him.

what else? oh! my thrid article for edge newspaper was just published,. and im expecting to get paid for m6y article in You magazine pretty soon. and the issue where my first article for You magazine will be released this month. so happy happy joy joy.

and this month of november...thjis marks my official start as a vocalist. i mean i used to sing before, but starting this november, im going to have regular gigs at pescado.

also, karla singson has just given me a new job. web content writing as well. pays the same as my [porn writing stint, but its more morally acceptable...

so there..imk juggling (or will be juggling) 5 jobs starting this month

confession #22

i am now a columnist--DJ--tutor--Web content writer-- vocalist-- partyphile!

and im kinda scared. scared that i might bge taking on too much...but then again, when you like what you do, it bnever seems too much...