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Sunday, May 10, 2009


add me sa tiwtter search zhaun ortega. :-D

Pirate Princess Pickle Bunny

Why not do this to your friends the next time they pass out from too much booze?

Beyonce Party!

Here's Beyonce looking polished in a mini black dress and sleek hair. However i just foind this gross. I mean, who parties like this? Even her Louis Vuitton bag can't save her from all this party grossness. 

Its just too crowded and its not looking like a cool and happenin party. I mean what is everyone doing?

over crowded. no dancing. just gross celeb ogling.yucks.beyonce dear, i knwo u wanna hog the spot light but do it in a classier club next time...gross..wherever this is

Party Mimi!

here's Mayrye/Mimi/MC/Mariah carey partying with her boss' (Jay-Z) main squeeze, Beyonce. How come Mariah looks younger than Beyonce? She's supposed to be 39 years old already right?

And i love Mariah but she looks like a fish in this ensemble..but i guess its typical Mariah. Short, low neck-line (bossoms popping out) and glittery. But the hair looks great, she seems innocent until you glance at her boobs...