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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Party With Authority (Oktoberfest '09 at Pearl Farm) Pictures

fire dancers

photo qube

general manager, karl sims, with the sales team

dj torch

the authority band

all these pictures were taken with a sony cybershot w290! thank you sony!

8 Partyphile Scares

Partyphiles are known to be fearless. We do not believe in crazy urban legends and superstition, and the urge to party is often greater than all these. People say one should never party on November 1 and 2, but in recent years, Filipinos have dressed up, and gone clubbing on Halloween. Technically, there is no problem with this, since Halloween parties are celebrated on October 31, a day before All Saints Day. However, partyphiles cannot stop at the stroke of midnight, so partying is extended until November 1.

You may not think much of this, but you better watch out, because it has been known to give naughty partyphiles some really bad luck. To give you an idea of what could happen to you if you break the “no-partying-on-November-one-rule”, here are the top eight partyphile scares.

8. Cashless- It would be a great partyphile scare to order loads and loads of booze and finger food only to realize that s/he is cashless. It almost never matters what your reason for being penniless is; it is a huge embarrassment, and it may even stain your partyphile status. Trust me, these things get around Partylandia. Counter the curse by treating your friends to some drinks once in a while, or you could even send ME some money. I swear, the curse will leave you in a jiffy!

7. Booze-less- One of the scariest things for a partyphile is to get some illness that does not allow him/her to ingest alcohol anymore. It is a very, very sad thing, when a partyphile cannot enjoy his/her poison of choice, and cannot party like s/he used to because of some medical condition. To ensure that this does not happen to you, do not over do it now.

6. Friend-less- So your friends have invited you for the customary Saturnight out. You are all dressed up and excited to party. You have set the time and the place and you get there ten minutes late, because partyphiles never come too early. And then you discover that all your friends have started to apply that same rule, and you are left alone in a bar, and it takes them 30 minutes to arrive. You feel like a lost loser without any friends. Who wants to be seen going to a club alone?

5. Club-less. You have a favorite club. The one you go to every week, where all the wait staff, bartenders and DJs know you by name. They have stopped asking you to pay for the entrance fee, they know what drinks you are going to order even before you come up to the bar, they reserve a special table for you and your friends, and they even allow you to put your bill on tab, to be paid every month. And then one Saturnight, you go there and they have closed. It is sad, scary, and it changes your partyphile life forever.

4. Annoying Witness- You are inside a hot bar, dancing sexily with some stranger while making out with a random friend. You are all boozed out as you had one too many margaritas to drink and you decide to get on top of a table and dance a la Coyote Ugly. Everybody starts cheering for you, and it only get you more caught up in the moment, and you decide to take off a piece of clothing. As you look at the crowd of drunken partyphiles, one person stands out. With arms crossed, and a furious face, you watch in horror as your brother/sister/uncle/aunt/dad/mom/boyfriend/girlfriend walks out of the bar. The next thing you know, you are on your knees apologizing.

3. Ex-citing- You arrive at some random bar to meet your college friends, and then your ex comes up to you, gives you a peck on the cheek… and you’re with your current. ‘Nuff said.

2. Unfashionable Friend- You invite your best friend, who isn’t known to be a fashionista, and then on the day of your party, she suddenly decides to get out of her fashion comfort zone and then arrives in a mini dress, a jean mini skirt, black leggings, yellow stilettos, and a pink boa around her neck. You want to leave her and find new friends, or hide her inside your purse, but you can’t do that; she’s your best friend. Instead, you decide to tell everybody that she’s your keychain.

1.Twins- Imagine stepping inside a bar, dressed to the nines, with your new Vuitton handbag, Louboutin pumps, and little black dress. Naturally people start staring at you, your every movement, highlighted by the diamonds on your neck; your mere presence is enough to create a stir. Or so you think. You walk to the opposite side of the club and there is: a younger, sexier, prettier partyphile in the same exact dress you are rockin’ (or think you’re rockin’)

Thank you to Wacky Masbad for the pictures in my last article. Thank you also, to Sony Cybershot for my W290. Catch Cofnessions of a Partyphile, the radio show, on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesdays, 6 to 9 PM.

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