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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Metro Lounge

If you are a true Dabawenyo partyphile, you would have, by now, discovered the Metro Lounge. Metro Louge is a wonderful new bar which is only open during Saturdays.

When stepping inside this hot-bangin' bar, remember to dress to the nines, because everybody else will be.

No entrance fees here, plus they give away free rum-cokes and free vodka-sprites from 9PM 'til 11PM.

the place is small, but the sofas make it cozy. Unfortunately, I think they need to set up a new airconditioning system because it can get uber-hot.

Still, this is the hottest place int he metro right now

Oh and DJ Torch and DJ Tone are here evry saturdays! woohoo

All these photos were snapped using a Sony Cybershot W290! Thank you Sony!

October 7 is World Smile Day

Today is world smile day, so gather all your friends and have an impromptu photo-op which should keep you smiling all day long. Wanna take things to the next level? Watch comedy movies, that will make you laugh, and smile.

Happy Birthday!

Happy happy Birthday! To Simon Cowell, Taylor Hicks and Toni Braxton! :D