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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Metro Lounge

If you are a true Dabawenyo partyphile, you would have, by now, discovered the Metro Lounge. Metro Louge is a wonderful new bar which is only open during Saturdays.

When stepping inside this hot-bangin' bar, remember to dress to the nines, because everybody else will be.

No entrance fees here, plus they give away free rum-cokes and free vodka-sprites from 9PM 'til 11PM.

the place is small, but the sofas make it cozy. Unfortunately, I think they need to set up a new airconditioning system because it can get uber-hot.

Still, this is the hottest place int he metro right now

Oh and DJ Torch and DJ Tone are here evry saturdays! woohoo

All these photos were snapped using a Sony Cybershot W290! Thank you Sony!

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