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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Partyphile Turns Three

Is the action in the local party scene sufficient for me to write about it every week? That is the most question I get when people discover what I write about in my newspaper column. It is the same question I asked myself three years ago before I accepted the challenge of writing a party column.

During that time, I thought that the task was huge; it was a first in Davao. In fact, I do not know if there is really a newspaper column that can be categorized with this one, Confessions of a Partyphile. Of course, there are columns that write about the party scene, but these are usually just filled up with photos of “high society” (I hate the term because it puts a very limited group of people on a pedestal; something most partyphiles would not agree with) accompanied with a short write-up. Confessions of a Partyphile, as you probably have noticed by now, does not follow this vein. So, going back to the question: is the action in the local party sufficient to sustain a weekly column? No. But it does not have to be. Why? Because Confessions of a Partyphile does not merely focus on featuring hot parties in bars. This is a lifestyle column. It is all about one lifestyle; the lifestyle that most yuppies and college students live—the Partyphile lifestyle. Of course, explaining what that is all over again is like recapping the whole three-year collection of my articles, and that is not the point of this write-up. But for your benefit, here is the gist.

Confessions of a Partyphile is about the partyphile lifestyle. This lifestyle involves partying (duh!), drinking, throwing house parties, learning about new party music, learning how to host parties, learning what food to serve during parties and how to prepare them. It is about exploring new drinks, it is about gathering a group of friends and going to some distant city to party, it is about having fun and living for the day. It is truly about living life as if it were one big party. It is immersing yourself in all the guilty pleasures in life—partying, clubbing, eating, drinking, travelling, and just having fun—because we are young and can afford to (or at least find ways to have the most fun with our limited budget). It is not exclusively about the party scene; it encompasses everything that the current young-adult generation enjoys and goes through. In a sense, it is about youth trends… but is exclusive to the trends of one particular type of people: the partyphile breed.

So the question is whether or not the action in the local party scene is sufficient to sustain a weekly column. In fact, there should not be any question about sustainability because the partyphile lifestyle is ever-changing. Partyphiles (including those who do not even know that they are) dictate what this newspaper column is all about. More importantly, the question of sustainability has been answered when this newspaper column turned three.

Now, the only proper question is “where is the celebration”. Of course, you did not think for a second that the Confessions of a Partyphile Anniversary could go by without a party right? So this is the part where I invite you to come and party with me at Marco Polo Davao’s Eagles Bar this July 30 at 9 PM. You can buy tickets at the venue or tweet me at Why aren’t the tickets free? Because I need to pay the bills. Oh, and in case you are wondering about what’s going down during the event, DJ Gary will be playing an exclusive mix of all the hottest tracks from the early 2000s. Think: Hed Kandi, Bonnie Bailey, Moony, Milky, Kaskade, Mojo, and the like. Plus, in true partyphile fashion, there will be heap-loads of drinking games and hot prizes to be given away. So seriously, even if you do not care to celebrate my anniversary with me, please attend simply because it’s going to be hot! Oh, and we’re also celebrating the third year anniversary of Confessions of a Partyphile Blog ( and the second anniversary of Confessions of a Partyphile the Radio Show on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesday nights from 6 to 9 in the PM. So see youa t Eagles on the 30th… and party on, partyphile!