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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drink of the Week: Kamikaze

In a shaker filled with ice combine:

1 shot Vodka
1 shot Triple Sec
half a shot of Island Lime or any other lime liquor
Simple Syrup to taste

Shake and serve in a margarita glass

Tips for the new partyphile

The art of partying does not come instantly to anyone. It is learned along the way as people start to realize how helpful partying is when it comes to de-stressing, bonding with friends, finding a love match, or creating connections. Most people start partying during their college years and never stop (or one would hope not to). During these years new partyphiles seem to find it difficult to “fit in” with the existing partyphile crowd and know the party do’s and don’ts. Thankfully, most partyphiles learn how to behave in the party scene as they grow older but that doesn’t excuse anyone from the fact that a faster learning curve (from party self-help articles like this one) is much more appreciated (and necessary) than actually learning the ropes in the social party-ladder. This is why I periodically give these tips to new partyphiles; to give them a jump start on their climb to the top of the partyphile ladder of success. So what is waiting for you at the top of that ladder? A lot of connections to help you in business; a handful of really good friends and several wonderful acquaintances; a larger pool to choose a romantic partner from; a lot of free stuff and invites; and a fabulous glitterati image. But before you get there my newbie partyphile friend, you must take in these tips and imbibe your new partyphile persona. Here’s how:

12.) Never go to a party place alone. That will just make you seem like a predator or someone who is looking for some action in the sack. There are only two exceptions to the rule. First is if you are going to the party because of work. Second is if you have managed to climb the partyphile ladder of success and are pretty darn sure to find some party buddies in any bar you step into. If you do not seem to belong to both of these categories, skip going out to party for that night. Instead, have some coffee alone.

11.) Stay sober for at least an hour when you party. This will help you remain good-looking in photo ops. People these days seem to feel like instant photo ops are a requirement for every single party they attend, thus you have to be presentable for at least an hour for those shutterbugs. (Tip contributed by Partyphile Louie Pintor)

10.) Expand your alcoholic vocabulary. It is not cool to seem like the only alcohol you drink is beer. First of all it does not make you stand out from the crowd. And standing out from the crowd is supposedly one of your goals in your journey to ultimate partyphilia. Second, doesn’t it get boring? Having to drink the same type of alcohol every single time seems tiring to me. You should be drinking for the taste and not to get a buzz. Thus, you must explore other drinks.

9.) Know your music. There is nothing worse than someone who is dancing to stuff he doesn’t even recognize. Knowing the current club hits are a must for people who wanna become partyphiles. Why? Because it shows your interest for the whole partyphile lifestyle and being in tune with the pulse of the dancefloor comes with the territory. (Tip contributed by Partyphile Eric Tinio)

8.) Never vomit inside the bar, or anywhere in plain sight of people like the car park or the streets. It is just wrong and terribly unattractive. Hold your puke in and navigate your way to the comfort room and do your business there. There is nothing that would make you fall from the partyphile ladder faster than puking in front of the ultimate partyphiles.

7.) Be charming and friendly. This will get you a long way. Do not think that being aloof is cool and sexy; in the party scene, this does not work. And if it does, it would not last long. Once people realize that you are a “friend” and not a threat to their partyphile status, their love lives, their circle of friends, or their network, free drinks will start pouring in. And isn’t that always a treat? The truth is, it is not the amount of free drinks you get that matters. It just makes a partyphile feel good to realize that they actually have friends and acquaintances who like them so much that they would spend a couple of bucks just to make sure they are having fun.

6.) Befriend the DJ or one of the ultimate partyphiles. The DJ is obviously easy to spot and befriend. Ultimate partyphiles are those people who seem to know everyone. Most of them are friendly so do not be afraid to approach them. Start by commending their work or just compliment their outfit and start befriending them. These people will introduce you to more people, thus expanding your network. This will make you one of the most sought-after people in the local party scene. (Tip contributed by Mix FM DJ Steve Midnight)

5.) Party in the right place. The number of people who party in a particular bar is not directly proportionate to its party status. People might flock to a bar because they have a bigger space, cheaper booze, better food, or no door charge. You have to be careful where you party though, if it is infested with people who do not have class then it’s probably not the best place to go to. The key to being a partyphile is being seen and being seen in the right place.

4.) Dance like no one is looking. It is always a requirement to dance when inside a bar. And no, I do not mean you have to practice choreographed dance moves with your friends, but a little sway of the hips could get you far. Also, remember not to move your hands too much, it makes one seem uncoordinated. If you have to move your hands, make sure they just clap. Bob your head, or move your torso forward and backward, just keep your movements to a minimum; but make sure that you move. Being a wallflower will not get you anywhere in the party scene.

3.) Believe in the mantra: “Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party tonight”. Being a partyphile is all about having fun. It is all about living for the day, seizing the moment, and feeling like every single moment of your life is worth a celebration. However, that does not mean that you have to let go of your responsibilities. You would still need to have a direction in life. Land a job, find what you truly love to do and pursue it, and make sure that everything in your life is alright. The truth is, you can never truly feel comfortable with so much partying and celebrating unless most facets of your life are alright. It takes a certain sense of peace within yourself to truly let your hair down and party.

2.) Don’t be promiscuous. People who seem promiscuous might seem cool when you first get to meet them, but they will turn out to be insecure losers in the long run. Being promiscuous in a party scene as small as Davao’s is not a very nice idea because word gets around. Being a partyphile means being exposed to a lot of different people. Unfortunately, the trade off is having your dirty laundry aired out. The best thing to do is behave yourself accordingly. You will not regret this in the long run.

1.) Party like there is no tomorrow. The license to party is a gift granted by some parents to their children. You have to make the most out of it and truly find ways to enjoy partying with your friends. Newbie partyphiles like you are expected to remain very modest in your spending habits and are expected not to do stuff that is too crazy. However, that does not mean that you have to skip having fun altogether. So you might have a curfew, or you might not have enough money to party the way you want to. It does not matter. Being a true partyphile means have the guts to party regardless of all the crap they are surrounded with.

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