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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Things to Love about Kadayawan

8 Everybody feels more festive, so reunions, night-outs, ad last-minute parties always happen around this time

7 Little drinking stalls pop out of nowhere

6 You get to see a lot of performers and bands for free

5 Non-Working Holidays; which means you can get totally wasted more often

4 A lot of fruits. Fruits make great garnishes for cocktails.

3 Sales, discounts, and freebies anywhere and everywhere

2 The possibility of a three-day affair with a tourist

1 More opportunities to party

Celebrity Birthdays August 18

Edward Norton from Fight Club (41)

Christian Slater (41)

Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing (58)

Martin Mull from Hollywood Squares (67)

Robert Redford (founder of Sundance Festval) (74)

Celebrity Birthdays August 18

Drink of the Day: Davao Sling

Since we are celebrating the biggest festival in Davao City, Kadayawan, I have decided to share a recipe that is uniquely Davaoeno. This Davaoeno cocktails is kind of like irish cream, but with a little kick of Durian-- the King of Fruits. Why? Because Durian is one of the top exports of Davao Cty as it is not grown anywhere else in the country (i think). Anyway, here's how to make a Durian Sling:

In a pitcher combine:

1 250 ml bottle of Rhum (Tanduay is preferred)
1 500 ml bottle of water
1 168 ml can of Condensed Milk
2 sachets of instant coffee (not the three -in-one mixes)
a couple drops of Durian essence, 1/4 cup of durian puree, or 1/4 cup of watered down durian jam

Stir all the ingredients and serve with ice.

Reason to Celebrate for the Week: Kadayawan Davao

It is time for the biggest celebration in Davao. Kadayawan is one of the most party packed seasons in the city so enjoy all the events, the influx of outsiders (aka tourists; you might have a week long affair with one of them), all the sales, and all the food!

Oh, and do not forget about the Durian! Yum-o!